Stan Lee’s Drunken Memoriam

Ifeel God awful writing this.

Because. Like. I don’t have some sort of, “OMG~! Stan Lee changed my life~!” kinda story, you know? I’ve never read anything he worte. My exepriences of HIM were mostly through the Marvel movie cameos. Which, I mean, I didn’t even realize existed even whilst watching the movies. Hell, I’m pretty sure I watched the bit in Spider-Man 3, the midnight screening even, and had no idea Stan Lee was Stan Lee.

It probably wasn’t until. You know. VERY recently, Like. 2010-2011 soehweres in there where I actually KNEW who he was after watching History Channel’s Comic Book Super Heroes Unmasked. And realizeing, “Hey, that’s the dude that’s in all the movies!” And stuffs.

I mean. I could be wrong.

After the age of 18, the memory is the firstthing to go, and I’m 30 now. So. Who knows, right? And. You know. Since the age of 15-16 or so, I’ve had many-a night where I’ve had plenty-a drink. Yoou know? Especially yhe past seven years anf such. Obviously.Point of all this?

I’ve never read any of the original Stan Lee Marvel comics. hell. The only Marvel “comic” I’ve ever read was the Civil War “graphic novel.” THE point is. I have NO connection to Stan Lee himself. He like… never DIRECTLTY affected me, you know?

Sure. I love the things he’s created or co-created or… howe eer the legality of the Marvel Universe breaks down these days. And Imean. Without a doubt, without even… the creation of the Fantastic Four, which, all credit KINDA belongs to his wife, Joan, EVERYTHING that I love. EVERYTHING that I hold dear. Batman, The Dark KNight, Hush (the Batman comic arc/graphic novel, if you don’t know), NOTHING would be held NEARLY in the same light. Hell. The Dark Knight itself probably doesn’t exist wihtout the fact that Stan Lee lived.

He was the flag waver of comic books. Before ANYONE else. He KNEW what these stories were before ANYONE did. He knew he was creating AMERICA’S myhology before ANYONE even thought suh a thing possible. Kinda, right?

MERHAPS  it iddnt’ go THAT deep. But pretty God damn close. Right?

THE thing I can say WITHOUT any 100% ddispute in my head is, Stan Lee created Fantastic Four which was, 100% WITHOT DOUBT, the bnig bang of the Marvel Universe. Spiuder-Man, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, Black Panher, Ant-0Man, everyone. You know. He created. OR co-created. L:egalities are dumb and I have NO idea what’s true.

WITHOUT QUESTION. What I do know is, over time, Stan Lee took over Timely Comcis. And he made it all Marvel. And such. And. Dude. He was, essentially, “writing” (as in, adding the inner monulogue boxes and dialogue boxes) for AT LEAST 10 comic books a month for over a decade. And. Forreals? That’s the BARE MINIMUM of his “work/contributions.”

This dude.

CREATED modern mrketijng. There’s NO Star Wars Action Figure line without Stan Lee plastering MARVEL “IP” onto fucking ANYTHIMG imaginable, like… say… soap bars. A decade begore the original Star Wars trilogy. Right?

That was the best I could find on Google. Not a Soap Bar. But random market-y enough? Merhaps.

I mean. At the end of the day. I can’t deny. Stan Lee. Is. WITHOUT A DOUBT. “The Man.”

As a fathman. Let me relay my feelings through THE “Fatman.”

Essentially, Keven Smith told the story of meeting Stan Lee through this “Brodie” character. Right?

Anf. I mean.


At the end of tyhe day?

There’s been NO ONE person. That had MORE of an affect on the pop culture zietgiest. Since Walty Dinsnety. EVEN GIVEN ALL THE “BAD” i JUST SAID, I, and I’m sure MANY-A oither people would argue Stan had MUCH MORE affect than dear, ole’ Walt could ever accomplish.

Anfd. Forreals.

Iof you REALLY care about any of all of this? Legit. Spend the two hours, when you can, and watch this:

Forreals, man. This is poetry. And WELL WORTH the 120+ minuiutes of your life.


Excelsior, true believer.

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