QUICK RAMBLING: Corona Correction?


Lemme just say.

I was wrong, man. At the VERY beginning? YeH man. I thought the hysteria about coronavirus/COVID-19 was moronic. Cause like. At the time you know. On March 13th when I published this rambling… The worldwide worldwide d3atha hadn’t even hit 5000.

In the less than one month afterwards, the world is nearing 100,000.

Still. 100,000 is nearly NONE% of the global population. But  I mean. It’s oretty fuxking serious. It’s… What… A 2000? 20,000% I can’t maths.  increasein deaths? In less than a month? That’s fucking scary dude. And should be taken seriously. ForreLz.

And like. Rhats basically all I wanted to aay.

I’m sorry.

Take care. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And let’s…


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