Rapid Fire Reviews — Part Douze

Jesus Christ. It’s been WAY TOO FUCKING LONG since I’ve done someything fun like this, yopu know? No “agenda” No…. I dunno… continuity? Just. Boom. Me. Rambling. Drunk. Cool. Awesome.

(but for the record this is the twelfth time i’ve done a rapid fire rambling all-together so douze, lol)

Let’s. Fucking Go.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Absolutely fun.

Seth Rogan’s laugh and just… his being Donkey Kong in general is kinda lame. BUT….


So Much complaints about castings were so stupid. I pretty much said all that already though. This one time. And again. Charlie Day kncocked it WAY out of the park like ANYONE should have though he would.

But yeah. Solid. Fun. Family. Movie. Thing. Cool. Nice. Good times. Wow. Words.

Also… Chris was great too. Obviously. Shut up.

Overall? The movioe’s a solid 8/10.

AEW: Fight Forever

Honest,ly? I’m not sure where to begin here.

The gameplay of the game? 10/10. So long as you edit the buttons that… you know. Thankfully, the game allows for that.

Wrestler creation? 1/10. Absolute dogshit happening here. Merhaps the customization of wrestlers is kinda fun? Don’t know. Didn’t try.

Career/Road to the Elite? 4/10. Shit’s bare bones. just like the CAW, dude. At least I didn’t experieance EVERYTHING after two playthroughs. But. Those 2 playthroughs just made me want to go back to playing NBA 2k23, not gonna lie.

Fun Factor? 7/10. AEW has existed, as a company-ial-thing… since 2018. First show in 2019. First video game in 2023. World Championship Wrestling existed, as a company-ial-tghing in 1988. Their first video game released in 1990 on the NES. BRUHBRUHBRUHBRUHBRUH Obvious. Words. I’m making fun of AEW. But I’m not. At all. This little company, thing that Cody and the Elite began dreaming up in 2017. Has become an international pro-wrestling/entertainment conglomerate (how the fuck did I not mispell that?). AEW is about to hold the highest attended pro wrtestling event outside of the Untided States and North Korea (which… Dark Side of the Ring that one if you haven’t) ,. That’s amaziung. 1000%.

AEW Fight Forever? The gameplay is… BASICALLY No Mercy and awesome. So long as you get used to it. Outside of that? The game is borderline bulllshit.


6/10 (gameplay’s carrying it, not gonna lie)

Succession (Season One)

It’s been since… 2015? I dunno. It’s been a long ass time since I’ve felt a feeling about a show the way I’m feeling about Succession. Go again. Spoil the reast of the season for me in the comments. I don’t care. I’m watching this fucking show.

Fuck off!

Obviously, right?

In all seriouslyness… This show seems to have Breaking Bad types of awesomeness. Breaking Bad was alll sorts of addicting. And this show seems to have it in droves.

Ask me for my full review in like a month or so.

But like. Legit? Warner/Discovery? They should be HEAVILY promotiving the fact that this show is on their Max streaming service.

But so for..? First season…?


The streaming service.

I mean. I can’t deny. I’m a pretty big fan here.

Batman: The Animated Series. Right?

Hold up. Eyyy… “Next Episode” stype. I was just about to praise how much I love this streaming service and stuffs. And I mean. By and large, I do. But lile. Legit. They JUST… within the past week or two or so… JUST made their shit less user friendly. And that’s some bullshit.

Lile. If you go to the left and bring up that menu, there’s basically no optionss there anymore. That’s bullshit. And


Plus. Stupidness makinging me re-sign in all the time. Get your shit together. Warner/Discovery!


All that being said.|

I got myself of B:TAS.

Plus some Game of Thrones (season eight wasn’t the worst thing that happened to humanirty like ya’ll make it out to be).

PLUS… some True Bloods?


Naked and Afraid?!

Bruh. Max sounds like a good time. Even though they JUST RECENTLY made their UI worse. But whatavery.

8/10 streaming serive.

Speaking of not wearing clothes and being fearful…

Naked and Afraid

Trailer there’s not the best. But. The best I could find right now, I guess.

Etither way, I lve me some Naked and Afraids. Obviously, shit’s not 1000% real. But. It’s still a fun time, worth a watch and stuffs.

Drama. Survival. Fake “Realityness.” Happens. Cool.

I like it. I don’t care.




I guess that’s it bruh.

Everybody. Love,. Everybody.


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