Windham Rotunda was a man that was one year my senior. From everything that I know and have heard of him, he was a creative – not only genius – but a mastermind. He was a son. A brother. A father. Unfortunately, he left this world far too soon. The creative brilliance that was inside of his mind. The athletic prowess. He still had the prime of his life in front of him. Athletically. Creatively. All of it.

Earlier this year, Rotunda was diagnosed with COVID. This illness exacerbated heart issues. And he suffered a fatal heart attack in his sleep on August 24, 2023. Apparently, he was issued a heart defibrillator and he wasn’t using it at the time of his passing. The instrument was found in his parked car, apparently.

At the end of the day? Children lost their father. A friend was lost. A brother was lost. A son was lost. That’s the end game. The bottom line. The end.

The Firefly Funhouse.

RANDOMISH SIDENOTE: A cousin of mine that is a MORE THAN LAPSED wrestling fan (like, 10ish years ago on Facebook, I mentioned The Usos, and she was all like, “WHO?!”) but she had heard of a Mr. Rogers-type of person happening in WWE. And her immediate reaction was, I think like anyone would have: “OMG! SO CHILDISH! THE PG ERA SUCKS SO MUCH!” You know. Obviousness.

But. Good. Fucking. God. Man.

EDIT – 11/18/23:

(I love Windham too much to allow this rambling to becoming irrelevant. Thus, I must edit this rambling. I’m going to do my best to make the upcoming edits italicized and hopefully make this all make sense. It could be pretty impossible. But I’ma try.)

The Firefly Funhouse Match.

During the modern, most trying time. WWE was over here, doing their best to create brilliance without an audience to cheer them on. Windham Rotunda and John Cena (along with all sorts of dozens of unseen brilliant people as well, obviously), put together one of the best pieces of wrestling I’ve ever witnessed. And although I’m personally salty about the content shared above, I’m 1000% positive that Wrestling Bios did a great job breaking down this Firefly Funhouse Match.

Far too meta… uh… I’m about to have an argument inside my head.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to experience this for myself. Right now. For the first time in a couple of years. Pardon me (even though, you know, to you, dear reader, the pause will be instantaneous).

Essentially, I’m just telling or, about to tell you that this rambling has just morphed into a “Watching of…” The Firefly Funhouse Match.

NO! Not this time. Shut up. Let’s do this.


  1. Avenue? More like… No one’s here…. ue..? I dunno. DU DU DU DUUUUUUU!
  2. Cena being the IMMEDIATE company guy… and boom. AMAZING…
  3. John Cena’s facing himself bruh…
  4. LFG!
  5. Cena’s scared by puppets… I mean… makes sense… it’s cannon that he’s scared by children being creepy so…
  6. FFS../ WWE made thisx match available on youtube after Windham passed away. But the motherfuckers added a Payback is live in a week, basically~! lower third thing. Just. Fucking oof. Be cool. Or be a business, WWE. You can’t have cake and yadda yadda. This is a shitty move. The end.
  7. Cena’s come face-t0-face with the devil puppet though. So…
  12. “you can look but you can’t touch!”
    Fucking oof. Awesome.
  14. Saturday Night’s Main Event! FUCK YWAH! I hat e “the golden era” but I don’t care. This is amazing!
  16. Then Cena just quotes all of the promoss ever. Ugh. This can’ty be any better
  17. Pretty sure the youtube version censorted “this is such good shit.” BOOOOOOO!
  18. Basic thuganomics Cena is the shit though. Shut up.
  19. Sometjhing else got sencored in this youtuve version. Not sure what it was though.
  20. John’s the golden goose and not a hero. A bully. A horrible person. Takes the weakness of others and turns them into jokes. Bray’s monullgue here is perfection.
  21. Do anything for fame. Congratul;ations! YOU’RE THE MAN NOW, JOHN!
  22. The flor is yours…
  23. Cena obviously reverts to the norm. Gets wrecked.
  24. Bray speaks the truth about WMXXX.
  25. “He’s got the whole world in his hannds!” Ughhh… Firefly Funhouse Match is just too good.
  26. “It’s time to rewrite my own story.” ADLKFJHSDFLKJSDARKL;SE
  27. Sppechless dudes.
  28. “We both know that’s not enough to end this, Superman… but this is.”
  29. Then… WCW gets brought into this outta no wheres…
  30. What? Was Bray upset that his dad was in the nWo for no reason?
  31. buhdumtsss…? No. That joke was dumb. My bad.
  32. Either was. As a WCW/nWo fan 4life. I LLOVE this bit.
  33. (aside from the fact that Bray’s wearing a wolfpac shirt whislt doing a Bischoff impression, cause like, that doesn’t make sense… the only thing about it that is kinda sensible is that Cena wears black and white nWoness. But..,. blah… nitpicking… basically)
  34. Cena being a member of the nWo represents so mucgh awesomeness.
  35. OH SHIT! The “Such good shit like” wasnm’t excluded. But it was censored on Youtube. Either way. My bad.
  36. Cena snaps back to reality. Whoops there goes rabbit-he… whoops. whoops… whooops.
  37. Cena takes all of the fans’ hate of him. That agression. And beats up a fucking pig puppet.
  40. Honestly (I know I’m about to eat my word immediately), the fiend being the one to come into here and destroy Cena is kinda dumb. Bray should have done it himself. Or… like… Blah. Nevermind. This is nitpicking. THis match is perfect.
  41. “This WrestleMania match is going to accomplish what should have happened six years ago. Ending the existence of the most over-hyped, over-valued, OVER-PRIVILEGED WWE Superstar in existence!”
    -John Cena
  42. The Fiend accomplishes what should had happened six-years agi, Ending the existend of the most over-hyped, over-valued, OVER-PRIVILEGED WWE Superstar in existence.
  43. By beating John Cena.

  44. The end. Basically.

Windham had so much to offer the world. When he was released from his WWE contract in the summer of 2021, there were so many credible rumors that he was going to Hollywood to create. Horror. Movies. Shows. Whatever. Homeboy was even on some Hollywood studios things working on/pitching/something… something.

None of that panned out, essentially. And eventually, Windham returned to WWE. October of 2022.

There was Uncle Howdy. Alexa Bliss still had something going on… There was… so damn much.

So much creativity that was left to be exploded on the world.

Just like that Firefly Funhouse Match. (Was exploded on the world)

But unfortunately…

I ended up unleashing my feelings on a friend of mine that didn’t deserve my feelings being unleashed. But. This is how I felt upon learning of Windham’s passing.


His four children. His fiance.

The world.

Lost an amazing human being.

Windham Rotunda passed away on August 24th of 2023.

And it sucks.

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