Rapid Fire Reviews — BATMAN EDITION!

So… here we are. The final piece of th puzzle for my celebration of what was Batman;s 80hth anniversary. I’ve kinda been teasing this all year. And now. We’re almost intro Februry of the year after, you know? In my last rambling, I said that 2019 wasn’t a good year/ Thus far, 2020 isn’t getting any better. Either way, I’m finally getting to this rambling that I’ve been planning throughout the past year (even though, i hadn’t planned on this being the final rambling to cap off #LongLiveTheBat).

But yeah dude. Here we are. Right?

So. Hell with it. Let’s just jummp right into the reviews now. Shall we?

By the way.

In cae this needs to be said…


Batman: Damned

Firstly. Leeme talk about the controversy. Apparently. This DC “Black Labl” thing got way out of hand with, what I think was was the first Batman iteration from it )merhaps there was a Batman Who Laughs) thing happening? I dunno.). Cause like. DC got all flusetered when they saw themselves some Bat-dick. And pulled all reprints of Batman: Damned #1. So. Thanks, DC@ I’ll have thousands of dollars in the bank one day.

But uh. Yeah.

The writer/artist duo from the fantastic Joker graphic novel that was released around 2009 were responsible for what was seen in this Black Label story arc. And lemme tell you. The artwork is amazing. Top to bottom. Every inch of what’s in the books is fantastic. I love it. So damn much.

The story? It’s amazing in retrospect. But I was confused as hell after I first read it. But here goes my drunksplained sumary.

Batman’s investigating the death of the Joker. John Constantine shows up. Harley Quinn shows up. I think that one demon dude is in there for a while (FFS, I the only name that’s coming to me is Erradicator for some reason lol). Maybe not. I mean it’s been like half a year since I read the whole thing. But it all ends up with Joker being alive, being killed again, Only for Joker to fall into a vat of acid and come back again. Essentially. The story is, Batman’s dead. And he’s in hell. The Joker always comes back to life. Which is just. Perfect.

Overall? THe story arc gots 4 Bat-dicks out of 5.

Batman: The Telltale Series Shadows Edition

I mean… I think it was The Shadows Edition I played, anyways. I mean. I doubt there was any DLC or anything. But yeah. I played the 10 episodes in the two games and such. And yeah. This is kinda why I waited till the end of the year to do this rambling. Iwas only able to playe these games over the Christmas “break” or whatever. You know? So yeah.

I BARELY liked Telltale’s Walking Dead game (keep in mind, I only played the first one). And I never tried any other game. Until I finally played these here Batmany things. And honestly? I thoroughly enjoyed them. I’d love to have been able to do a second playthrough before I did theis rambling, but. Yeah, thagt’s not gonna happen.

What I did play was fantastic. Apart from the QTE aspect. But I mean. That’s what you’d expect from a Telltale game innit? It’s all story ad no REAL gameplay, right? And… the story is what fucking crushes everything. From the brilliat telling of Two-Face’s origin. To the introduction of Catwoman… the different power dynamic between Joker and Haryley Quinn. The Batman/Bruce relationship with Joker. Just. Ugh dude. It’s all so fucking great. The Vicki Vale plot twist was also surprising. I loved that.

But oof dude. Joker helping Brue escape Arkham. Joker becoming Batman’s sidekick. It was all just a blast and a fantastic take on the Batman story.

THe games get 5 QTE’s ot f 5 for me.

Batman: Hush (2019)

And now. Here we are. With this thing.

I mean… visuallu? I liked it. The story hit all of the major points of the comic story. But there were a few key things it missed too. Like. The whole Joker fight. It didn’t sit well with me. It almost pulls it off. But it doesn’t. It also misses key parts from the comic. And adds in a bunch of stuffs just to tie it into the new DCAU. And ugh.

It’s not a total waste. But I mean. Compare the movie scene. To the comic scene (plus, the comic ends with “Stop me if you heard this one, I’m innocent!” Which is just way more brilliant than that piece of nonsense from the movie). But I mean. The movie is still servicable. THe Batman and superman fight is basically ripped right from the comic. And yeah dude. It’s all good.

Then. THen. Then.

Hush. In Hush. Is Riddely. Which. Just.


Which I mean. I don’t hate it 1000%. Apparently, Ridleyr is kinda the mastermind of the whole thing in the comics? Apparently. That’s like. What wikipedia says or something. I dont’get it. But. For Riddler to BE Hush is just. Stupid. Right? ANd sure. THE biggest conlaint I have of the Hush story arc is that, obvioulsy, Thoms Elliot is Hush and what not.

Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor is amazing for a plethora of reasons. I know he’s been doing it for a while now. But this was the first time I’ve seen it. So. Sorry?


I dunno man. There’s just so much wasted potential here. At least with The Killing Joke (2016) when they got to… you know… The Killing Joke portion it was an awesome, direct from the comics, adaptation. Hush was just all over the place and lame.

I mean. It’s Batman: Hush animated. So I can’t hate it. But I definitely do’t love it.

Overall? Hush gets get s 2.5 Riddler plot twists out of 5.


I still do’t know how to end ramblings. Especially rapid fire reviews. So.

Bye. Right?

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