True Crime Documentaries Suck

Oh my Jesus. can you believe that this shit actually happened? Like. Forreals? In this world. In our timeline. Of realituy? These things transpired once. And we’ve got it all documented. Right here. On videol. In front of your face. And you can binge watch it al;l! YEAH DUDE!

OK, merhaps. Maybe. Perhaps. I’m focxussing a LITTLE too roughly on a couple-a Netflix Docu-series. True crimeynes. Right?

And really. What brought this ALL on is… you kno. I watch this, this past week…

Evil Genius. Right?

And. Fuc dude. This case is WAY oo intriguoiung, right? Like. How can you not be sucked into the sheer… rareness and craziness of all of it, righrt? This story is SO fucking unique and so complex that. Not even Hollywood could make sense of it. Logically. I mean, the movie was decent enough. For what it’s worth. But still. Come one. Right?

But hey. Here’s the Netflixy Docu-series. TREUE~! LEGIT~! CRIME~! THING~! Oh my Jesus. It’s a documentary. So it ALL MUST BE TRUE~!


I mean.

Yeah dude.


Most everything presented in the documentary is true. But like. There’s a good portion of the emding of the whole thing that kinda… like… didn’t even ring true to me as I was half-asleep, watching it. Right/?

I mean. I won’t go into any details. But. Watch the docu-series. THing. Watch this. And. Yeah. Kinda rang true FOR me, anyways. I report. You decide. Fox News. Style. You know. When Fox News mattered. If they ever did.


Look man. The point I’m TRYING to make with this hear rambling is… just as the title suggestes. “Tru crime” documentaries suck. They all dod. They’re ALL made by SOME filmmaker. With a biased agenda. Period, dude.

In the case of Evil Genius. Dude was GUNG HO~! on proving Brian Wells’ innocence. Obviously.

In the case of the Making a Murderer peoples… I mean. They OBVIOUSLY favor heavily in the “Steven Avery is innocent” side of things. Right? I mean. That’s what the WHOLE docu-series is about. And such.


As LEGITIMATELY powerful as the whole dicu-serious is, they do NOT present all of the facts. In fact. They WILLFULLY withhold some.

I.E. (I do NOT want to re-do the research and it’s been about 2 years since I watched Making a Murderer but…) the nephewish person. Brenen? Was that his name? During his, legitimately unlawful and dumb interrogation, he LEGITIMATELY gave police new information.

Argue all you want about whether or not he should have been interrogated as he was (I’d, obviously, lean towards he shouldn’t have been and such). BUT. During the interrogation, Brendan told the police where they could find certain things. Body paerts, if I’m not mistaken. Legit.

Does that make it into the final cut of Makinfg a Murderer?Nah. Ofr course not. Polie were jst cunts grasping at straws by detaining and questioning Steven Avery’s handicapped nephew. Such assholes. Much revolting! RThings!

Againl. Most likely, the police were… TECHNICALLY in the wrong. And stuffs. And that shit’s dumb. BUT. Making a Murderere tries to pain the pictuer that Steven Avery’s COIMPLETELY innocent of his crime. When. Again. Brendan told police. Where they could find things. And. They found those things there. So.

One of these. Obviously.


This is why True Crime Documentaries suck. It’s not that they’re of poor quality. It’s not that they’re 1000% unfactual. It’s not even that they’re not enteraining. Right? Like.

At all.

They’re just. ALWAYS. Obviously biased.

Amd. With most everything. The trusth lies… somewhere in the middle. Right?


Although… there’s probably a VERY important true crime docu-serious that I should mentioned. But I won’t right now. Because. I meran. Legit. That shit deserves its own rambling. some day. Maybe.

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