Dude. I Need to Talk BoJack Horseman. Period. Again.

I’m sorry, guys. I’ve got no one, in my life, anywheres, that I can talk to about this. So like. You’re my therapy session. BEcause. Forreals. BoJack Horseman should be something experienced with others. Espeicalu if like… you’re going through aything REMOTELY  similar. You know? I dunno. But.

Dude. Now that it’s over. I’ve gotta do this. I absolutely have to. Forreals.

Last time we met, the show left us on the worst cliffhanger ever. Worse than that Walking Dead and Hanging Cliffs shit. Forreals.

All I know is that watching these final eight episodes, it was more of an experience. “What is BoJack Horseman going to do to me in the next episode?”

That was the thought I’d have each and every time that “Next Episode Begins in…” button would show up. You know? And. Boom. As always, with the show. The penultimate episode of the season is the darkest, the hardest, the harshest, the most emotionally devastating. And nothing has ever been so dark, hard, harsh, emotionally devasting as The View from Halfway Down. THe penultimate episdoe this season. This season. BoJack Horseman‘s final season.

The penultimate episode of the series. Right?


I’m watching The View from Halfway Down right now.



As beautiful… atop of all of those other adjectives I’ve given this episode… as it is, there’s so much about it an the season and the show that’s left to be desired. This episode. Ugh. I’m emotionally decastated. But I’m not sobbinh like I was earlier when I watched it for the first time. Oof dude. Just oof.

So here. As far as these final eight episodes are concerned. A “review” spoilery things are concerned. Here’s my quick thougths:

  • I’m sad that there was no follow up on Gina. You know, in the previous eight episdoes,, we saw thaet Gina was spiralling out of control due to like, PTSD type of things. In these final eight episodes, she never comes up and plays no part in BoJack’s downfall, and, aparentl recomeback?
  • When BoJack got kicked out of his house, whilst Todd just moved into his own place, it would have made the most sense to have BoJack crash at Todd’s place, innit? Instead, BoJack crashes with Mr. Peanutbutter. For. Some reason. Would’ve been amazing, since, you know, this “crashing” didn’t last long at all, to have it come full circle-ish. You know?
  • I started tearing up pretty badly in episode 14. Towards the end. Whne Juddah sings his, “I love you Princess Caroline” song.Thing.
  • Then. Like. Sarah Lynn started singing the reprise, “Don’t Stop Dancing,” And I started crying.
  • Secratariat started to recite his poem, “The View from Halfway Down” and I started sobbing.
  • Beatrice performed on stage with her brother, Bracker Jack, and I sobbed harder.
  • BoJack tried escaping the tar-like darkness that is death. ANd dude. All he wanted to do in that moment was talk to Diane. And since. None of it mattered anyways, couldn’t he just stay on the line? Jesus Christ. Thinking about it right now makes me emotional.
  • Then like… the last episode happens. And. We’re introduced to the idea: “Dude. ife goes on.” You know? This whole series? It’s told a part of a story of life. And life goes on. Sure. Life is a bitch andd then you die. But some times… life is a bitch. And you keep living. You know?

Life goes on.

It’s a bitch. And then it goes on?


As shitty as this world is. Merhaps I’ve got to reconsider this whole, “1890” thing I’m planning on doing.

Series wrap on BoJack… I’ll stand by my statement that it’s the best show of the decade. Hell it’s probably the second best show ever. Only behind Breaking Bad. Which. I mean… kinda muddies the “of the decade” things. But I don’t care. Breaking Bad never made me SOB LIKE A FUCKING BABY. BoJack Horseman idd. So.

I mean. Be a cunt and watch this while it exists. Without context. YUo cunt.


For every…

I can’t believe Americans hate women more than they love guns.

Comes a “View from Halfway Down.” For every, “LOLZ Mr. Peanutbutter running for governor is just our allagory for Trump being President,” there’s a “Free Churro.” For every “YEAH DUDE! ABORTION I S fINE ALWSYS! (which, I mean, wasn’t, at all the point of the “abortio” episdoe, hell they even parodize the “pro-choice” movement quite awesomely, and FFS, ya’l should know that by and large I’m pro-choice, that’s just the easiest, leftist, thing I could think of) there’s a “Time’s Arrow.”

BoJack became Family Guy in its first season. Thy then took South Park’s role of being a, mostly rational narrative. And then they just. Became. Beautiful. BoJack Horseman is. Without a shadow of doubt, the televison show of the decade. Easily.

No piece of media. Has ever made me feel the feelings that BoJack Horseman can and does. Sure. I was sobbing for Game of Thrones’“The Long Night,” but like… no other part of the show had me FEEL shit, you know? Yes. Breaking Bad is the most engaging, well-written unpredictable, edge-of-your-seat-meth-addiction-type-of-show. Yes. Bit NOTHING. Neither of these things.

is. Beautiful.

Like BoJack Horseman.

The end.

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