QUICK RAMBLING: More About Last of Us Part II

So. Uh…

I kean. Like I said before, I’m TOTALLY bummrd about The Last of Us Part II delay. Right? And. I mean. There’s been a few “news stories,” aka, tweets sent around that seem to lean towards a dogital “early release.” And such.

But. Uh… I just replayed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Literally just completed that game for a second time (for the fordt time sonce the game was released) just this moring. And. I mean. As much as I hate Uncharted games, 4 is pretty damn good. The controls are still not on par. And the combat is a bit inforfiv8ng. But it’s no where near as bad as the first three games. Plus, Naufhty Dog grew up after The Last of Us, ajdade the story compelling and instresting this time.

But damn it. It made me even more bummed out about The Last of Us Part II‘s delay. Uncharted 4 made me want Last of Us that much more, man.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Troy Baker is a FAR better voice actor than Nolan North. Come at me.

But. Uh…


Right now…

We all get it. We really do. I think.

I just wanted to share something that happened tonight. Prior to me having a drop of alcohol in my system. Right?

I watched this big ole, compilarion, th8ng of Last of Us Part II trailers and previews and such. Right? And. Some how. For some reason. And… I kean… I’ve seent all of it before. But. Dude.


I saw that moment there. Seen in that “featured image” Joel has his hand over Ellie’s mouth. And she’s struggling, ready to fight, immediately… But… Then… She realizes, internally, for a millesecond… The hand over her mouth is a c9mfornt. It’s Joel. It’s her safety ney. Tgat shit made me year up. Even though. Again. I’ve seen this trailer before numerous times.

JUST after this, she let’s go in realization and relaxation that it’s Joel with his hand over her mouth.

And that’s what made me well up. Just by having his hand over her mouth, she relaxed and relented. As if it erre a comforting father after everything she just went through… She instinctively knew. It was Joel. And relexad.

I’m sorry man. But. That’s fucking beatuifal. And. I mean. Again. I teared up when I rewatched it a couple hours ago.

So. Dude. I propose this.

Given everything that’s going on alinvolvijg COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS… Rhings. Let me prop9se this.

Let’s #FlattenTheDelay!

Dude. Obviously. The worldis fill of dumb people.D people can and will be dumv. No matter what.  And “#StopTheCurve” isn’t working.

Some to my gamer type of readers out there. Come on y’all. Let’s all do our part to #FlattenTheDelay! Let’s take social distancing seriously and make it happe, guys! Let’s do our part!

We all wanna get our hands  on The Last of Us Part II. In order to do that, we’ve GOR to stic to social distanc9ng guidelines.

Come on guys.

Again. Let’s make sure we do our part and #FlattenTheDelay.

And here. I’ll leave you with the trailer 5hat brought tears to my eyes. Y’all 5ake care. Stay healthy. And thanks for reading.

Endure and survive!

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