Wrestling Video Games: An Introduction

Merhaps. I’ll go. IN FULL DETAIL. About what’s “going on with me,” at some point. Right? But like. It’s been a few weeks where. I haven’t written anything on here. Nor have I had anything to drink. Because. Life. And the like. Merhaps I’ll talk abut that later tonight/this morning or whatever.

But right now. I just wanna escape. Because. I mean. I’ve been WAY too emotionally… complicated this past month. I’ve been down right, legit, suicidal. And overjoyed with positivity. Basically. I’m all over the place. And. I have no idea where, what, how, or even why, about… basically, anything.

And on this. This random, Tuesday night/Wednesdayh morning, I NEEDED an escape from ANY sort of reality. I NEEDED to let go of everything that’s causing me so much God damn stresss and, finally, rub my couple of nickels together and purchae some mixer for whatever bit of 100 proof vodka I had left.

During all of this, as I bave been recently, I watch various, “too long to watch while I take a shit” Youtube videos, and I, just now, watched this video, thing from 616Entertainment )

RANDON SIDENOTE: For some reason, apparently, my first instinct was to put in “619Entertainment”). I had previously, randomly found his video, “The History of SmackDown!” and watched it whilst drinking a few weeks ago.

But. For some reason. This video. Which ONLY talks about WCW vs. The World. Damn near broke me. Probably because I’m such an emotional wreck that I’m, literally, crying for no reason these days. But. The nostalgia broke me.

So. I mean.

I don’t know what this rambling is. Is it some big, “top 10 wrestling video games thing?” Or is it just an exposure of what a piece of shit blob of a human being I am. I don’t know. All I know for certain is: More and more, I want to CONSTANTLY focus on the fictional world of “professional-wrestling,” instead of the world in which, you know, we all currently reside.

Because this was the first thing that showed up on a Google Image search for “wrestling video game meme.” And. I STILL don’t know how to end ramblings.

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