QUICK RAMBLING: Parks and Rec: Basically the Worst Show Ever

I believe… it was one of the greatest philosophers of our time.

Named. BoJack Horseman. He once said. Soething…

Something beyond all mknd-blowing things.

When he said something close to…

Why did I insist on a “mockumentary” format? Something that’s outdated even now, in the year 2007,

Parks and Rec? That shit premiered in 2009.


But. Uh. Mose Or however his characters’ name is spelled. He. Kerr person. Thing. He. Kinda. Deciced that this Parks and Rec. Thing would be a good idea. And like. Yeah dude. That show happeneded. I guess.

And. i mean.

Ron Swansom was th “Fonz” of the show… like Andy Kaufman was “the Fonz” ad whatnot. Much like Dwight Shrute wat “The Fonz” of The Office. And. Yeah Dude. Ron Swanson is fun. And he has a good time. Doing quotes. Or whatever.



I mean.

Christ Pratt kinda exists. Only becaue of this show. That is a mockumenary. In 2009. With the mockumentary format that is bullshit in the year 2007. Chria Pratt is here. And he’s like…

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer was pretty cool. Obviously.

But. I mean. Ron Swanson is THE star of this “show.” So. Uh.

Dude. I don’t even know.

Amy poeler. Tryna be a Michael Scott. This whole time. In 2009. Onwards. An d like. Rashida Jones.,. tryna be her… I don’t even kno what the point of Rashida Jones was in Parks and Rec. Literally. There’s  literlly nothing about Amy’s character that jumps out to me.

other than.


Amy’s character LOVE THE SHIT out of Joe Biden.

So. I mean. BERNIE BROS?! WHO’S WITH ME?! Right?

This show?

Literally? I made my way through… almost the end of the show. Playing in the background whilst I played video games.


The point is? I didnt’ give a shit. At all. About the end of the show. It all came down to like… Ron Swanson becoming the mayor or something like that. And like. Amy’s fighting against him. Or whatever the situation was. I fooud out that the Mockumentary crew discovered that Amy was poised against Ron Swanson. And. I got about half-way through that season. IF THAT FAR.

And like.


There’s NOTHING.

“ICONIC” about this show. At all.

Fuck man. They don’t even have a sort of…

I once said… somewheres… that this was the best “that’a what she said” joke ever…. so much so it made me tear up when I first saw it…

“That’s what she said,” kinda legacy.

Parkks and Rec. It’s got NOTHING going for it. Outaide of Chris Pratt. And… Ron Swanson. Sometimes.

Basically. This show? It tries to be The Office. WAY TOO HARD. And. It’s not successful. Agt all.

Parks and Recreation? It’s asically a bullshit Office cpy that’s not even notable. Honestly.

I’m just rambling now. Just ofr the sake of it. I guess.




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