QUICK RAMBLING: M-m-m-More Corona


I’ve no idea what to say now. Other than, reiterating, this: There’s not MUCH to worry about. The Walking Dead hasn’t happened. That movie starring…

…hasn’t happened.

That’s not to say there’s no reason to be concerndd. Hell. If anything. What I wanna say right now, with my comedic, druneken efge, is gonna be exactly the opposite. We all NEED to be concerned. Forreals.

But. Concern. ISN’T. Ze End og Ze World! At least. It shouldn’t be.

I mean…

Despitemedia scare tactics…

The world hasn’t ended. I promisr.

Have I evrr LIED to you?

Again… Let’s take these statistics from worldmeters.com… like I fid last week.


We’re rounding up all of these numbers.

Last week? There were 5000 deaths caused by covid-19. That number has tripled to 15000. Oof. Dide. I know. Much panic. Hysteri! Thingz!

Those numbers are eorldwide.


Is stll precisely NONE% of 7.5 billion.

BUT. The amount of workdwide dearhs have tripled in a week. Let’z say the virus started on January 1, 2020… The numbers drastic go down.

And they spell disaster dor you! At Sacrifice!

But. No dufe.

THE POINT of this rambling is to say:

Dude. Stop it. Takr this shit seriously so we all can go back to life as nirnal.


The sooner you dumb asses that hoarded toilet paper… The dumb ass collrgr students that wannA go to the beach  and party for spring break… The dumb asses that’ve…


Oof dude.

Good luck, Joe!

Don’t get me wrong… spending $2 trillio  doesn’t sound like a good , idea to me as a,  you eknow, classic liberal.  But…ias cities and states and coubtries and whatnot are putting down lockdown orders. Hell my city/state is on the vrrge of it at any moment. Basically.

And like.

There’s no words dude.

If we could all just come togrther… Quit being adshats. Shit… I’m sure I was an asshat during Obama’s handling of Ebola or whatever. And I apologize. Let’s move on from whataboutism and everything else


Just ficking stop with all of this nonsense. Right now. It doesn’t matter who’s ptesident. What matters is we beat this shit.

So. Wadh your hands.

Don’t gi out unless you NEED to. And… Shit. Let’s be #AloneTogether and join me in my Discord Channel.
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