The Final Nitro. 20 Years. Later.

20 years.

It’s beeb. 20 years.

The paint was fresh.

The sheets on the beds, they’d never been slept in.


But it’s been 20 years. Sicne the death of WCW Monday Nitro, and you knowm, defacto, tjhe death of WCW itself, as a whole.

And thus, you know, the “greatest” wreslting birthday present I ever recieved happened. I guess? Somewheres around 20010ush, Roddy Piper had this amazing “Piper’s Pit” with John Cena about… whatever was comig up at that year’s wrestleMania. And Whatnot but. I mean. Historical. Things. Of things.


The. Final. Nitro.

The Simulcast. It’s, you know, obviouislty the best “wrestling birthday gift.” Ever. Right? So.

I mean.

I’m not gonna make this a “watching of,” but. I’m sure I’m just gonna interrupot what I’m writing with shit like, “Ooof! That was cool!” Or whatever. We’ll see, dude. I’m just gonna ramble. Whilst the final Nitro plays in the backgroud. Cool? Cool. CoolCoolCool.

Obviously, the show opens up with VinnieMac. In front of the Raw stage and shit, “The very fate of WCW rests in MY hands!” And all that.

But I mean, “Imagine that,” That’s what he firsts says.

But whatever.

Dude. WCW Nitro was the very reason I was a wrestling fan in the first place.


Oof dude. Tony Schiovone is like. Immediatelt all broken and shit. Oof.

Man. I was nine-years-old. Flipping through the channels. Somewheres between January or February of 1997. And I saw Hogan, with Eric Bischoff holding up his mic, cutting a promo on The Giant. And how he’s gonna break him in half. This must’ve been the show that had like Robin Hood happening on TNT? Or whatever. I don’t know. Cause. I’m almost God damned positive that I watched THE DDP/nWo moment, live.

Whatever, man. I know, for a fact, that Giant/Hogan was THE first main event I ever experienced. So Whatever.

Flair’s promo was rambling as fuck ut it was cool enough.

Man. All that mattered. Was how cool Sting was. Especially during this . This early 1997 months. I didn’t TOTALLY understand, no. But Damn it, had Sting joined the nWo, I’d definitely be a pissed off kid! That’s for sure.

Fucking awesome!

The night after Uncensored 1997, It was official dude, Sting was on the side of WCW. Or… at least… He was against these lame cheating assholes, the nWo.

“He’s pointing at me!” Hollywood Hogan exxlaimed as he hugged his nWo-mate (Dennis Rodman?) Tony Schiavone exclaimed, “Hogan is in fear of Sting!” Or something. Tony Schiavone was/is the absolute best. I don’t even care.

Booker T just defeated Scott Steiner for the WCW World/U.S. Championships. Cool.

Man this “spring breakout” clip is playing. Fucking crazy. WCW was still pulling this shit ouf of their ass while WB/Turner was actively trying to rid themselves of the product, you know?

So the Starrcade 97 finish isn’t up to par. Or whatever. But hey. Bret Hart is in WCW. And I loved his action figure. And FFS. WWF’s action figures during this era, thye “Bone Crunching Action (BCA)” era? Oof dude. Perfection. Even before I opaid ANY attention to WWF. I LOVED their action figures. I mean. Come on.

Dude. That shit’s a vibrator. Not an action figure.

And. I’ve go that Hollywood Hogan figure. Right in front of me. He’s right next to “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan. But whatever. Fuckl those dudes. WCW NEVER haf good action figures. And. Again. By my estimation, those BCA WWF figures were the best. Ever. Period. Don’t care, Netclix.

LMAO… Chavo didn’t use that old Eddie Guerrero theme did he? Really? I mean. Can’t fault him/WCW. Cause. That them was AMAZING.

Duh duh un duh duhduh un duhduh…. You know what I’m on about.

“Sugar” Shane Helm’s theme is comepletely erased. Comenntart et all.


Who the fuck is this refereee? Dude looks like Rsand Paul. Legit.

Oh shit. That’s Scot… Uh.. Scott person. Fuck. Anderson? ARMSTRONG! DUH!

LMAO… Tony calls him, “Referee Scott James.”

FFS. This is the representation of the cruiserweight division? The fuck? I mean. Not trying to discredit this dudes. But. I mean. Ultimo Dragon exists. Psycosis exists (all ofg his botches included) like.  Fucking. HECTOR GFOD DAMN GARZA exists, dude. But this match is what represents the cruiserweights? This is boring. Legit. Where’s my Ultimo?!

Booker does a promo about suckas.

Now. Lance Storm needs to be seriouis for a minute. I hope.

But yeah dude.

Man, Mike Awesome was the most underrated wresterler of all time. The end. Period. Bar none.

But yerah.

Shortly after Sting got put on the back burner came the nWo: Wolf Pac. And. You better believe I was a HUGE fucking fan of the red and black, bruh.

But of course, around this same time. Came. You know. This dude.


And I mean. I wass into it. Hell. I was there, in attendance, when Goldberg defeated Raven for the U.S. title. And I mean. I had earplugs in. But dude, the pop was deafening.

But between my attendance and Starrcade ’98 I was sick of the dud e winning all the time. Hell. Merhaps. I had grown jaded due to Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows or something. YOu know. Something else that happened between my attendance and… you know… Starrcade ’98,

Tony shoots on William Regal for a minute. Cool. Elix Skipper would go on to create the very FIRST “TNA moment” or whatever.

Of course there were other “moments” befoe this. But shut up. THIS made everyone take notice of TNA more than anything else. Period.

But yeah dude. I started hating Goldberg. I loved that Nash beat him.

And. Even more. I LOVED the finger poke of doom.

But. I’ve been oveer all this in the past.

“Rap is Crap,” Can’t deny I loved that shit. Just saying.

Andd holt shit. I’ve NEVER seen this Sting promo before. But. Uh. It was kinda generic and didn’t matter. Even though. You know. Sting WAS “MY” Hulk Hogan. Crow Sting. Legit. Fuck that promo though.

LMAO. America Online V 6.0.

And now. The final Nitro’s main event. Flair. Sting. It ends as it began. All that. Eveb though that Flair’s wearing a t-shirt. Woops. WOOPSIE!

Nitro was amazing. If it weren’t for this company. This television show. I’d never be a fan of this thing called wrestling.

All the oofs, dude.

Sting and Flair is happening now.

Wgat SUCKS about “tghe finger poke of doom” is that Goldberg cut the shit out of himself

Well… that’s awkward. Sting beats Flair. They hug. And then. Boom. Random simulcast. Lame.

And then. Boom.

Just fucking crazy dude. The Simulcast is an amazing moment. No matter how much it may have sucked. Still, dude.

It’s a good birthday present. Back in 2001.

Since. You know. I hated WCW back then. I couldn’t care about their product anymore. I had fully become a WWF fan and such. So.

Jesus Christ. Goldberg got a bigger reaction from the Cleavland crowd than Sting. So… BOOOOOOO!

Bruh. I dunno. Today is my birthday. Today. Is the 20th anniversary of the final WCW Monday Nitro. The 20th anniversary of the Raw/Nitro simulcast. The anniversary of one of, if not, THE most improtant moment in wrestling history.

Today is my birthday.

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Raw/Nitro Simulcast.

Today is the the anniversary of the day that wrestling.



So… The only thing left to explore is a certain other anniversary…


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