Dude… I need to talk Chris Benoit.


I’ve watched and rewatched Vicela d’s Dark Side of the Ring episodes om Chris Benoit a few times now. And. I mean. There’s so much to take away from all of it. You know?

There’s so many words that can and need to be said about this Chrid Benoit situation. Most of those words? They were said in Viceland’s documentary. Forreals. But. Just. Ugh man.

I just…


I wish I wasn’t doing this rambling on my phone. Since I am… Let’s do this…

And I have been for the last couple of hours. I’m at the Goldberg/Lesbar match.

But here. Since I’m doing this ramblign on my phone. Let’s do this to make things a bit easier.

I’ll just sharr thoughts as they happen. Right?

  1. Firetly. Lemme just say the more “controversial” take right off the bat. Benoit. As in Chris. DOES deserve to be recognized as one of the best wrestlers ever. Because he is. There’s no doubt about it. There’s ABSOLUTRLY NONE% argument about this. About him being one of the best wrestlers ever. In my opinion, he deserves recognition for it. I’ve used this anology a lot throughout the years… If Albrrt Ei stein had spent his last days on earth murdering his family, would he not still be beld in HIGH regard for his accomplishments in the scientific community? Those are my thoughts on the situation.
  2. Now… For the srseod most “controversial” takr… I MISS chairshots to the head. More than anything in wrestling. Forreals. Don’t get me wtong, I’m not saying unprotected chair shots. Protect yourself with a hand up and such, of course. To me, there’s NONE% reason to ban protected chairshots to the head. Like when Taket and Trips got finsd at ‘Mania27 for doing a protected chairshot… That was the most ridiculous thing ever in my mind. It’s so damn boring now when someone picks up a chair. You know they’re gonna do a shot to the gut then one to the back, you know? It’s dumb. Protected chairshots to the head make the most sense of anything ever.
  3. Nancy, Daniel and Davif Be oit are the biggedt vixtims of Chris’s actikns. There’s, obviously no questin about it, especially with the former two names, obviously. And it’s something we all, collectively have forgottrn as erestling fans. But we need to keep them closer to our thoughts as far as this situation is concerned. Apparently David has A sister out there as well. hell man… I had nonidea that David existed before he did an interview with Chris Van Vliet. A couple months ago And. Oof dude. David’s possibly the biggest victim of it all. Period. I mean. Almost. Right? Nancy And Daniel are, obviously the biggest victims. Of course. But. Ugh. O hope you understand what I’m saying.
  4. Another huge tragedy about the situation is… We’re… We as in the entire world… We’re never going to know what happened that eerkend. You know? One of the detas rrverf by this documentary was Chris left… SOMR sort of suicide notr… But that didn’t say much, apparently. And. It just sucks man. We fans are the least deserving of answers. But I mean… There’s very few questions I’d like to hae answered more than what happened during that weekend in 2007.
  5. There’s gotta be more things I wnna say. But man. I’m at Eddie/A fle at Mania. And I wanna watch it. Plus… I’m already soberi g up.
Say that I’m glirifying a murdere all you want. This is how I remember Chris Benoit.

Now. Come on guys. During these uncertain times… Let’s be #AloneTogether. Come join me in my Discord Channel!


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