Rest in Peace, Dark Knight

Dude deserves… WAY better… than whatever this rambling is about to be…

Kevin Conroy. The voice of Batman from 1992-2022… basically…

He died. Today. Or… the “rouyal” today. I suppose.

No, His “celebrity” was not on the scale of like a Whitney Houston. Or a Michael Jackson. Celelbrity deaths that had I the unmitigated gull to lash out at “friends” or whoever, to “complain…”

Why the hell do you care>! You never knew them!

Back when I was on my high horse. In like… the Obama years.


When I first found out the news of Kevin’s passing, by scrolling through Facebook, I said, audibly:

Fucjking! No!

But alas… it was the truth.

Rest in peace, Dark Knight.


All that I know to say, is something I’ve repeated time and time. And time. And time. Again.

Kevin Conroy was MY Batman.

But God damn it, I’ll go even further.

You know the Mark Hamill/Joker memes?

You know…

Like This….

Kevin Conroy needs the EXACT same treatment, my dudes. Kevin Conroy is not only “MY” Batman. He’s THE GOD DAMN BATMAN. Frank Miller style, even. I don’t care if everyone hates Frank Miller/Jim Lee’s All-Star Batman. I love it. Fuck you.

Kevin Conroy is. THE GOD DAMN BATMAN.


Michael Keaton was the killer. Val Kilmer was the socialite. George Clooney was the gay (no literally). Christian Bale was the hyper-realistic. Ben Affleck was… I dunno… Cool at the time. Pattinson was the detective.

Conroy? He was the God. Damn. Batman.

The end.

Rest in peace, Dark Knight.

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