Quanrantine Thoughts Vol. VII

So… Apparently. Me. Being me. I’m constantly trying to drunkeny Phish your credit card numbers.or something.

Fuck. That’s it. I’ve planned it ALL ALONG! Since 2011, I 2anted to create a “blog” (Jesus Chrdt I hate usong that word) in order to gain credit card information. Whilst drunk! Of couse! Yez! How dare you Google for exposing me?!

Bruh. My dude, Ben Hall, the dude that has hosted this here website since 2012… He decided 5o pay for anti-malware and a firewall when this bullshit began. On. Like. Wednesday this passed week. Apparently, it’s now on Google to make a correction. 🤷

Cause… Legit…

I’m not gonna write anything till that scan is over… When it is… I’ll LEGIT share the results here.

And… There you have it, bruh. There’s NOTHING “malicious” about this one man operation, and even if there were, it’s already been taken care of.

Apparently, Google is trying to silence me, for some DUMV ASS reason… Or.. I’m just being maliciously reported about being malicious.

Dude. If there was ANY aspect of this bullshit blog (fuck I ahte that wrod) it would’ve been exposed LONG AGO when I hit my peak with a certain Travisial p3rsob recomendding me. Not when I’m at the ABOSOLUTE bottom of 5he bRrel desperTe for clicks.

I’d have bussfeedifies this shit long beofre I’d make this a phishing site for profit.

Come on.

Again. Google is either censoring me. Or. I’m being maliciously reported against.

I reported. You decide.

Herrs the Quarantine Thoughts…

    1. This is gonna be the FINAL “QUARANTINE THOUGHTS” rambljng. Because. Apparently, I’m supposed to receive my new PC “tomorrw.” Or… You know. Today. Saturday. Year of our Lord. 2020. May. 16.
    2. Apparently, I could’ve been playing Fallout 76 this whole 5ime. And.. I 5h8nk I still can for a couple of days. But. At the end of the day? Nah dude. I don’t care enough to ecen try thos trai wreck of a game for free. For a couple of days.
  1. Right? Sure. Improvements wrre, OBVIOUSLY made since then. Wadtrlanders happened. But. Also. Gigantic hacks whete a paly3r could look at your and steal your whole ingrntory. Because. BethesdA hasn’t improved their game engine sjince like the Morrowind days.
  2. Of course mofos are gonna know how to mod/hack their way into your bullshit MMO.
  3. FFS. An MMO 5gats more beautiful Fallout 4, ehen it doesn’t crash, could and SHOULD be a fun time but. I kean. I wasntnsold on 5he game 5o begin with. And. Dude. Noatter how maby NPCS Bethesda throws at me, I can’t even be bothe4d to TRY playing this game. Even for free. Fuck that. Zorry David.
  4. B4o. SONY has becpme acompleyr piece of shot. Again I’m not going to read comments in this rambling. Cause, I’m not gonna spoil myself
  5. But forteals. SONY is being a gigantic piece of assholes.
  6. As if they didn’t have it bad enough by using DMCA claims against YouTubers that TALKED ABOUT the existence of Last of Is II APOILERZ… they’re doubling down against one in particular, HeelsvsBabyfaces… Somrthing like that. SONY wNtz to take him to court or something? Because of Last of Us. spoilers.
  7. Ffs… I mentioned that the spoilers exist too. Is it SONY that’s brelorting me to Google? I dunno. Whatever.
  8. Either way. I’m very pissed off about SOBY/Naughry Dogs handling of thos mess. But. I can’t say I’m NOT looking forward to the game. With or without Abby’s existence. So. I’m still pre-ordered. But. UeH
  9. This? 5hod is gonna be the FINAL “Quarantine Thoughts” rambling. At least. Done in this style. You know. With VERY little contrxy. Or zero sharing of links. Type of thing.
  10. I’m not 1000% ruling out the possibility of a Vol. VIII. But, if it happens, it’ll be far better than this shit.
  11. THE next rambling, given that my PC is estimated to be arriving on Saturday or today or how ever time works… OR Monday at the latest…
  12. THE rambling I’m gonna research the SHIT out of is…
  13. “Something to Do with Waco.” Hate me. Slay me. But the Netcliz debut of the show woken up an instrest in me I didn’t know existed. I do know is exists now. So. I’ma look as deep into it as I can.
  14. Other than that, though?
  15. We’ve got ( in no particular order):
  16. Andt Signore, Of Protests and Kneelings, Souther Parks Gore, The Curous Caee of GradeAUbdrrA…
  17. P8dcadts will make their way back, gradually.
  18. Just… So much aeesome is abiut to happen.
  19. Don’t let Google tell you otherwise. Right?

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