Quarantine Thoughts Vol. VI

Yups. Let’s jump right into the thoughts.

    1. This show, “Waco,” made by the Paramo8nt Network, that has just hit Netclix recently, is… Fucking phenomenal, dude3. It makes you question everything. From all sides. Hell, again, lime I said I. The last rambling, it kinda GOES IUT OG ITS WAY to make the government the bad guy. I mean. It doesn’t Pai t Dacid Koresh or the Branch Davidiasn in a bright light either. It’s basically. The best documentary. As afictional, piece of art. It… Being a dramatic piece of media, had probably got the situation right moreso than any sort of “journalistic” take. Rhats what I’m aayong.
    3. Right?
    4. Dude. Just .. bare minimum research I’ve done, the assaukt weapons ban that Bill Clinton signed… That bill didn’t get passed until a year after the Waco incident. So… Like… Why the fuck was the federal government interveninf here? Right? I dunno. Merhaps, I gotta do a deep dove when I get my PC.
    5. But I’ll digest
    6. Last of Us Part II got a new trailer this week, fikked with spoiler ikages rhat I’ve seebt before. Even thougg, you know, I’m avoidibg spoilerd as MUCH as possible. But… I mean…
    7. Part II… OBVIOUSLY picks up and starts off right where the last game left us. Akin to the first game’s time jump.
    8. Oh no. A rogue “Abby” alpeared! And “IT’S MA’AM!” and all that! Dude. I don’t care. So long as it’s not beating me over the head and it all fits within the story, (although, “Ew! An evil Christian group exists!” In it of itself is dumb storytelling, and I mean, given the official trailers, that’s the group Ellie is targeting. The generic, “evil Christian” group). I don’t HAT4 this. I’m more disappointed. Naughty Dog DOES come up with aeesome stories. But to go to the “evil Christian” cult V.X Æ A-12, is dumv. Yes.
    9. But God damn it. The gameplay looks phenomenal. Pkus… We’re getting a contrasting story on what was buikt in the fiest game. “The Last of Us” was a staple of lovr. And how far we’re wlling to go to protect rhat love.
    10. “Part II” seems to be about the contrary. And how werr supposed to HATE… hatw. Even Ellie’s hatred of Chridtian griup. X Æ A-12. We’re supposed to hate her hate. Like we were aupposed to love Joel’s faux love of Ellie. Boom. Aoleved it.
    11. And I just solved this problem. Minis an exist3nce of an Abby, I gueaa.
    12. Apparently, I’m about to be an accountant. You know, the character in the first vook I tried to write that eas an amalgamation bif all the annkyibg co-workers inhad at the time. Yupa. ImA be that dude. I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comainig. At all. It’s just. Irony be irony. Right? And..  hrre I am struggling to do basic multiplication tables. BOOOOOO!
    13. I’m pretty sure, Tge Offspring were The Beetles of the 90’s. In fact, 8m declaring it. Just niw.
    14. Now? The Offspring is trying to stay telecent by making a music video amalgamation of 202p memes.
  1. Thankfully, The Offspring thought better of this situation and removed the music video from their officla Youtuve channel. So. There’s hope for humanity left!

Oh… Dear God… How DARE I add. Youtuve embef?! Obviously. Rhis is where we end things. But. Forreals. Awesomeness is… Around a week away! I CANT stress that enough, dude. I’m pumped. I hppe you are roo, dear reader!

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