Pokémon Go to Hell

There’s just too damn much of this happening.


There’s those that keep posting their little digital critters captured on Facebook, Twitter, etc. To no end. Ever. They’re defending this love consistently and without fail. Which is totally fine. Even the whole posting on social media things. It’s annoying as all hell. But it’s dine. Om tje grand schjeme of things. It’s all well and good. Playoers of Pokémon Go have done nothing wrong. At all.

Except annoy the hell out of anyone that doesn’t gave two singular shkts about Pokimone.

Like me.

And. Those like me.

Sure. You can throw your arguments at me. All you want. Throw the memes about how recidiculous it is gthat y’re posting on Facebook how much you dislike Pokémon Go. And I guet it. We’re peoples that just don’t get it. And being lameos that just don’t get it. We’re lame. And there’s plenty of us that say things like, “I don’t like Pokémon Go because I have better things to do,” meanwhile, we’re friendless losers. Etc.

And. I mean.

Thje best argument I’veseen against “my side.” Was. Of course. Expressed via meme.


RANDOM SIDENOTE: Apparently. Pokémon is short for “pocket monster.” There’s a Beavis and Butt-head joke hjere.

The point is, I suppose, has a lot to do with abnoxiousness. Or some other word that basically means he same thing. If you’re abnoxiously posting abt your collected Pokémons, you’re a dick. If you’re abnoxjous about your distaste about Pokémon Go. You’re a dick.

Basically. This is the problem with all of humantiy’s issueas right now. Abnoxiousness could solve. Basically everything. And recognizing that being aboxious baout anything you talk about/support/whatever makes you a dick.

Something along those lines.


But here. Allow me to rant just a little bit. About something pretty related.

The Pokemon craze that began in the late 90’s. Being the preteen that I was. I was, obviously, ver… what’s the word? Impressionable? I should have fell right for the trap that Nintendo threw at me. I should have caught the craze the catch them all. But I didn’t.

But. Even larger. Pokemon was, for me, the first exposure accessible to me that had anything to do with Anime.

And. Just. No.



Just. Never. Never sdo that kinda shit to American animation. Ever. Right.


Oh dear God.


RANDOM SIDENOTE: The two Pokémon Go pictures I grabbed there did just come from my Facebook feed. And. Sigh.

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