I Can’t

I mean. It’s been a while. Since I’ve like… dropped… ANY sort of act. Anfd just been me.

Sigh. Can of worm,s open up in my head. That’s all like, “OMG~! PEOPLE READING THIS WILL THINKG YOU’RE ILLEGITIMATE~!”


I can’t.

Not in a “lolz i cant even” sort of way.



I can’t.

Not in the way that my niece, Mari, would exclaim when she didn’t want to do something.

I can’t.

Although. Merhaps. That’s exactly what I’m trying to get at.

But dude.





I’m just saying… for posterity-ish reasons… I’m JUST now listening to this song after embedding it here.

Hell man. I can do a ton of things that this song describes. I CAN laugh. I CAN feel. I’m swear. I’m NOTY Dennis Reynnolds or anyrthing.

But dude. I can’t anymore. Like. At all. I started this Drunken Rambling session, thing, thinking that I’d be able to do some sort of 12DoDM again. But nah dude. I could barely get done with one “12DoDM” rambling let alone like… fou that I’d need to do.

I can’t, man.

Trump won the Republican primary. In may of 2016. And I couldn’t. He won the Presidency in November of that year. And I still couldn’t.

He went on to name Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He pulled out the Paris Climate agreement. Both of these were fantastic from my point of view. But both were like “OMG~! THE WORLD ENDED~!@” on opposing sides.

I’d argue.

But man. I can’t.

On, two, skip a few, and the Republicans are puttimg forth some sort of tax reform.

And. Apparently. It’s the end of all of America’s middle class as it’s ever been known in the history of ever~! According to Democrats. According to Republicans, it’s just like, “Yeah dude, we’re putting this tax reform thing out there because it’ll score us SOME sort of victory. You know. We can say w did SOMETHING~! WOOOOO! RIC FLAIR STYLE!”

But I mean. In the grand scheme of things. In reality. Thye bigggest thing this “tax reform” does is lower taxes for corporations. You know. Since America… l;egitimately has the ighest corporate tax rate in the world. And that’s about it.

I’d give you a link to check my fact there.

But man.

I can’t.

The Republican “tax reform” bill. Essentially. Does nothing. It’s NOT some sort of bold vision that drops everybody’s tax rate. It’s a big pile of nothing that even JOHN MCCAIN approved of. OH NO~! THE POOR’S DEFINITELY GOING TO DIE~! Say the left.


Even more recently. Donald Trump. President of the United Sates. God damn does that hurt. Proclaimed… something that I’m prtetty sure was recognized by everyone… ever. Like… even the UN. Although… that’sprobably a stretch because of the pile of shit that is the UN. But.

President Trump… announced(?) that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. I mean… hasn’t this been settled since… you know… AT THE VERY LEWAST… 1948? Like. Hasn’t that been a fact? UH OH~! THEW NEXT THING TRUMP’S GOING TO DO IS PROCLAIM LONDON AS THE CAPITAL OF ENGLAND! Oh shit. Such rammifcations. Much destruction!

The world’s going to end!

I can’t dude.

UH OH~! A governing body is relinquishing control of the internet~! Even though… you know… it was just in 2015ish when Obama gave control of the internet to said governing body. OH NO~! THE INTERNET’S GOING TO END~! BECAUSE EVERYTHING’S GOING TO GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS PRE-2015~! SUCH WORLD ENDING. MUCH NO INTERNETS!


I can’t.

I did previously.

I did.

And all it got me was a quasi-Democrat as President that all socialistic/communistic Democrats to forever blame on how “small government” is a failure.






I can’t.

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