Here’s *MY* Suicide Squad Spoilers

First and foremost allow me to say, I am, OBVIOUSLY, very excitse about the upcomgin Sucidee Squad film. Like. Very much. . There’s soe things that are off-putting. O f course. Harley Quinn making her on-screen debut all skantily clad and what not. JUST because. “Sexiness.” MODERN HARLEY~!. Et.c Sure. Lame.

But there’s way too much to be excited about.

We’ll be able to see this DC’sds version of the batman/Joker relationship. In bits and pieces. We’ll see Deadshot on the silver screen for the first time ever. And not only that. But fucking. Killer Croc.

That’s right.

Killer. Fucking. Croc.

IS about to be in a movie.

If you’re a lover of 90’s BatmanL The Animated Series, whaen would you EER guess that you’d see Killer FUCKING Croc in a movie? Right?

Awesomeness abound.

Then trailers were released. Jerod Letod is basically mimmicking Heath Ledger’s Joker voice. Will Smith is only there to “make this shit look good.” He’s just there to be Will Smith. Not Deadshot. But. Margot Robbie. Margot Robbie’s been consistently awesome. There’s pretty much no denying this. At all.

Either way. I’m excited. A lot excited for Suicide Squad.

But the point of this rambling is to. bsically “spoil” th movie for you. And. I mean. Given my recent tack record. This could go either way. But. I AM a Batman expert. Sometimes this bleeds into other DC characters as well. But since this particular movie is very much Batman-centered. I figured I could give this a shot innit?

  1. Film begins with Amanda walller played by Viola Davis. Having the meeting with Military/Government peoples. They’re the bafd guys. Worst of the wordst. All theat.
  2. Waller’s going through all of the baddies. Each other them has a little sequence. They’re in prison. Then you see a tidbit of them. Who they were before they were caught. Killer Croc snatches the dude from the sewer. Etc.
  3. The last two baddies are first, Deadshot. You get a bit of an extended backstory. Something about him walkoing down the street, buying something for his daughter. The images that were released. All that.
  4. The second is, of course, Harley Quin. For now, you ownlky see fragmented flashbacks. Quick, little, lightning strikes. Joker smiling abover her. Batmobile chase. I’m talking fractions of a second here. But as Amanda Waller is describeing her, guards are removing her from her cell. All that.
  5. All of these baddies congregate in the outside of this prison. Harley puts on her clothes. All of those scenes you’ve seen in the trailers. “I’m quite vexing.” Etc.
  6. Insert some sort of Harley Quinn flashback. Merhaps it’s Harleen interviewingJoker in Arkahm. Somthing we haven’t seent yet.
  7. First mission. Whatever it is. Baddies are doing something. Somewhere. And they kill the badder baddies.
  8. Some more Harley Quinn flashbacks. Probaby around here you’ve fot the scene where Joker’s “torturing her.”

    I’m only going to hurt you. Really, really bad.
  9. Probably some other stuff happens.
  10. Harley Quinn flashback happens. Again. Joker’s thrown her into the vat of stuffs. Because. New 52. And whatnot.
    New 52…

  11. One, two, skip a few. Probably.
  12. Something babout the bar scene right about here.
  13. probably something about Deadshot and Harley falling for each other.

    Because. New 52.
  14. Suicide Squaq oges on another mission. And. Uh oh.
  15. Joker’s there.
  16. dun dun dunnnnn
  17. Harley’s got to choose between Joker and her new team
  18. And basically.
  19. The climax comes dwn to whether or not Harley will choose Joker or the Suicide Squad/Deadshot.
  20. And… most likely. She chooses the Squad.

    Because New 52.
  21. Oh yeah. And Jai Courtney dies. Somehweres in there. Because no one cares about Jai Courthney or Captain Boomerrang.

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