Of Ape-Filled Planets and Sitcoms


This is why it’s good to KNOW who you are. Right? THIS is why it’s good to know what you believe, like, to the foundation of your core and such, right? This is why it’s important to not “go with the wind” like a certain Trusted person once did. Right? Like, seemingly everyone on the left does these days.

Roseanne Barr. You know. Star of the show, Roseanne, never was nor ever could be considered a “conservative.” Sje cpi;d never be considered as even “right-leaning.”


Or… you know… the ole’ bits of Trutherism.


For the love of anything holy, or whatever, she lost the Green Paerty primary nomination in 20120, only to run as the Peace and Freedom Party, you know, the essentiall Communist Party in America, candidate in the 2012 election. With Cindy Sheehan as her running mate. CINDY SHEEHAN!

But then. You know. Fast foreward. Year of our Lord, 2018. Roseanne‘s been rebooted. It’s getting the highest network television ratings in YEARS.

Roseanne. The character, becomes a donald Trump supporter. The Roseanne character is like, “GTFO jACKIE! DONALD TRUMP WANTED TO BRING JOBS BACK!”

To which Jackie respomded with, “OMGH~! I VOTED FOR JILL STIEN (Funny, little, reminder sidenoite there,)!”


The character, Roseanne. Is a Trump supporter. Quickly. Let me remind you that Whitney Cummings and Wanda Sykes workes on this new, Roseanne, show. Right?

But. No. dude. ANY support of SDonald Trump EWVER. Is the WORST THINGH TO EVER HAPPEN TO HUMANIRTY~! Obviously.


You know.

This happens.

Oh my Jesus. such racism. Much hate. Much “needs to be cancelled NOW, ABC~!”

There’s a HUGE debatew brewing in my head. That ties ALL of this to HUlk Hogfan. And. Just. Alll SORTS of DUMB ass claims of racism.



#1. COMMON SENSE. Should deduce. That Roseanne Barr is NOT a racist.
#2. Riosanne Barr is NO WHERE NEAR a “Republican.” Nor has she ever been. All you cunts spweing, “FREEDOM OF SPEECH!~” About her, in her defense, need to take a good,long search within yourself. About what you believe. Anf such. Forreals/

And. On that topic. “What you believe. Forreals.”

If I were running the nework, I don’t think I cancel her show. I’m not sure I bring hr on to be the star of a show in the first place, honestlt. But. WQhatever. I don’t know what THIS point is.

Again. There’;s a MUCH larger rambling. About “racism.” That NEEDS to happen. And it will. Soon. SDometime.

Theres huyst. So much. Man. @WAY too much. Right? So. Lety’s go with all of this.

Roseanne’s tweert. Was dumb. Was oit ;like, THE MOST RACXIST THINJG THAT HAS EVER BEEN RACIST?! No, dude. If you think so? You’re an absolute piece of shit. Was her Tweet, like, THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER?! No, dude. Obviously not.

In today’s bullshit word, should she be fired/had the show cancelled? Yes. And. She should never have had been hired in the first place.

In a common sense, rational world, should she have been fired/had the show cancelled? No dude. And. I mean. But. She shouldnt have been hired in rthe first place

But OMG~! Roseanne is such a racist.

One of these. Obviously.

Roseanne’s never been a “conservative.”

Roseanne’s NEVER been a “herp” on the right. aside from, you know, the dumb asses the exist now-a-days.

Roseanne’s never been. Relevant. Up until. Her show, Roseanne, started resonating with half of America. In a way that, you know, mainstream media, mainstream newsmedia, etc. CAN’T (FFS… Roseanne, the show, was makinfg transgenerism acce[ptable to even MY parents), Roseanne was FAR more progressive than ANYONE would EVER give it gredit for. ESPECIALLY now. Because. RACISM~!


Yes. I know. I know. This is the parrt of the rambling where I point out the hy[ocrisy of “the left.” Of Joy Behar. Of. Joy Reid… person. Of Wanda Sykes. Of… fucking… Steven Colbert. Of… fucking… Trevor Noah. This is the part of the rambling where I point out how pathetic, “racist,” “homophobic,” “whateveric,” they all are.

But man. It’s not worth it.

It’s not.

Roseanne Barr’s tweet. It was dumb. It was in poor taste.

But it was NO WHERE NEAR worth “exposing it’s controversy” to this level dude. Right? That phrase doesn’t make sense in my head. But hopefully it does in yours.

Because. Man. This world sucks. Ad it doesn’t mae sense.

The WORST thing about this whole “Roseanne” situation? Like. The WHOLE situation?

Tom Arnold was NEARLY semi-relevant again.

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