The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018 pt. 3

So. Along with my renewed love of wrestling, thanks… Asuka? Merhaps? Came a willingness to easily purchase the WWE Netowkr. Monthly. Right? And asfter watching January’s Royal rumble, catching up on a documentary or two, and finally having decent wifi, I began… what I called…

The Great ECW Binge Watch of 2018

Hold up. Eyyyyy…

FGod damn it dude. I reminded myself NUMEROUSD times to do this in the last rambling (hell, his name’s in the “tags” even). But. Apparently. I. You know. Obviouslty sdidn’t. So. I CAN NOT CONTINUEW before mentioninging how awesome a certain somebody was. Underratedness.

Chris Candido

Every once in a while. miracles happen for these here ramblings of mine. Legit. I’m looking for a specific Chris Candido promo in ECW. And. BNOOM. It’s actually right there. On Youtube. Qawesoemness. Right?

chris Candido? What can you say, right? Most people have already said the more, like, “important” (*and important is NOT the correct word) things. MANY=A time already. Right. Dude was plagued by WAY too much bullshit. And it’s fucking tagic. The fuy was gold. No matter what he did. It was gold. As far as ECW goes, anyways.

I remember he was in WCW in the latter years. And og course. Bobdydonnas. And all that. And. I really didn’t give a shit about the guy, right?

But man. The NATURAL mic skills. JAW DROPPING charisma this guy had. On top of that, he was a fucking phenomenal in-ring worker. It’s makes it all so god damned tragic. Right? How he couldn’t escape Sunny. How he couldn’t escape mid-card status. Anytingkn? Right/

The guy was. Lefgit. Gold. Forreals.

With that all out of the way… let’s get this bit done first.

Worst ECW Wrestlers

From what I’ve witness there’s NO worse wrestler than…

New Jack

Literally. The ONLY thing that could’be redeemed this dude. EVER would have been if he had been revealed as the person to stab John Cena during the Cena/Carlito feud back in like… 2004?2005? Whenever it was. Other than that? There’s NOTHING redeemable about the guy’s in-ring work. You HAVE TO respect the risky dives the dude tok, of course. Especially since one, damn near killed him.

Nextly, there’s…

Tje Sandman.

Dude., As a 11 year old. watching Harcore Hak in WCW, I obviously loved the dude. Right? As a nearing 12 year old, I loved the dude as he made his re entry in to ECW. And all that, right? But. I mean. Legitimately? After everything I’ve watchied? ECW-wise? And all that?

The best match I’ve ever watched with his involvement ix still the ECW One Night Stand match where he teamed with Dreamer to take on The Dudley Boyz (which reminds me, I should put on ECWONS, right now). But I mean. I don’t rememver the match because of anything he did, outside of his entrance, of course. He was just. Pretty god damned aweful. Not as bad as New Jack. But pretty god damned aweful. Right?

And… I eman… There’s tons of other people I could throw in here as “the worst ECW” wrestlers. MAYBE Christ Chetti? I mean. He’s definitely above those two. But not by far. I dunno man. Merhaps I could pull a rambling about John Kronus out of my ass?


Fuck it. Mass Transit is the worst wrestler to work for ECW. Boom. There you have it.

The “Writing on the Wall.”

The Dudleyz leave ECW. Couple months later, Taz leaves ECW. An. Legit man. That’s it. During the most successful year in the company’s history. Paul Heyman cludn’t pay his company’s greatest act (The Dudley Boyz0_ a, eported, dollar more a piece. Granted, that wasn/t TOTALLTY on Paul. Nor the company itself.

Buty still dude. Just. Come on,right?

Fuck. I’m captivated by ONS, right now, dude. And like… Gertner just came on my screen. And I know he’s about to get burried like a mofo. But. fuck. Love him dude.

Fucking JBL. Jesus Christ.


Dude. Kurt Angle just admitted to sucking dick. Live. On pay-per-fview televison. In 2k5. Sigh. Sortry. This isn’t a “Watching of….” My bad.


What the fuck can I say, right?

after watching Barbed Wire City, Forever Hardcore and The Rise and Fall of ECW post-binge watch, it’s like… what else is there to be said, man? REight?

Yeah dude. After Taz and Dudleyz left. All there was was RVS. But. DUN DUN DUNNNN… thwat was already said. Numerous imes. Sure. Justin Credible, Dreamer, Mike Awesome (for a bit) were all here. But like. No dude. The magic was gone. Hell. Not even Ian Rotten could be assed to show up post mid-2000 or so.

And fuck. What was left? Da Baldies? Steve Corino? Rhino? Jerry Lynn? Those guys (Baldies excluded) are/were talented as ALL hell. But like… those mofos couldn’t carry the company. Nor could Justicn Credible. As awesome as he was in ECW.

Heyman couldn’t pay his guys. Because he, himself, wasn’t being paid moneys oweed to him. And. I mean. sure. There’s probably other bits of scuminess on Heyman’s part too. Merhaps. Probably. Just. Whatever.


Dide/. This rambling sdhould be much better. But it’s not.

I’ve been “working” on it for a month or two or however long it’s been. Just. I’m done dude.

everything. Al of this. The downfall of ECW. The “resurrection” of it. Outside of 2005’s One Night Stand (I’d argue the awesomeness of 2006’s show too but) Ut all fycjg sucks man. It’s all terrible. for numerous different easons. And just.

Blah. No need to focus on it anymore.

ECW. For what it was. Was aewsome.

The bits that sucked. Sucked.

The end? I dunno.

Ending on a meme. Cause. It’s been a while.

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