Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this. But. I’ma do my damnedest to keep this from being a “QUIK RAMBLING.” So. Yeah. Let’s see what happens. If you see the “QUICK RAMBLING” tag before that there title, we’ll all know I faled, I guess. Right?

So. I caught glimpses of this as it aired, right?

And I mean. Somewheres in there, there’s this bit (hell, you only gotta watch 30 or 40 seconds of that clip to know what I’m talking about… kinda…) where Kanye is surrounded by, apparently, choir/worship team/whatever. And everyone’s all in choir-esque robes, Kanye included, and he’s talking all sorts of Jesusisms.

And it’s like.

Dude. This doesn’t look abything lie a cult, does it? Nopes. Not at all.

It bares NO resemblence to that footage that Alex Jones captured at Bohemiam Grove (apparently)….

AT ALL! (Obviously this looks like shit. Such was video technology in the mid-aughts. But whatever.)

RANDOM SIDENOTE: WTF is up with this “aughts” things anyways? Wikipedia is my friend, apparently.

Speaking of the mid-aughts. THat’s the only time I ever really cared… or gave some sort of semblence of a shit about Kanye West. ou know. Because. I was in high school. And rap. Or whatever. (Merhaps, someone that cars can get those songs to play for them, I couldn’t and then stopped caring… oh wells…) And I graduated with someone that played in the NFL for a few years. Or something. Whatever.

And I remember I liked the song, “Golddigger.” And stuffs. So.

But now. Kanye has become the biggest, “conservative” celebrity. Because he wears MAGA hats and questions whether or not 92% of a race should constantly vote for the same party over and over again an not question themselves. Or whatever. Whatever the appeal is. I don’t know. Nor do I care. Obviously.


But then. THe MILISECOND a celebrity is likke, “I’ma support me some Trumps!” Conservatives/Republicans/whatevers are like… “HOLY SHIT! DO YOU WANT TO CUM PN MY FACE TOO, PLEASE?! No homo tho.”

And so. We find ourselves here. Now. YEar of our Lord. 2019. And. We’re mid-way through this month of November. And Kanye released and album. I think, I’m doing NONE% research at the moment, legit (unless you count watching 56 seconds of that Fox News clip as research but I’m pretty sure I nailed this one), I think it’s called Jesus is King. Merhaps that’s the name of a song on the album? I dunno. I’ve heard bits of the song. I think? And it’s like…

Almost stolen from that song with lyrics like, “My name is: No, My sign is: no, My number is: no” or whatever. You know. It’s something like…

Jesus is God.
Jesus is King.
Jesus is frog.
Jesus is Me.
Genius is Jesus.
Trump or something.
Jesus is love.
I’m Kanye 2020.

I’m just saying. Not necessarily the beat. But like. THe wrythm (LMAO, Lonnie) is… uh… similar? Between the two songs I’m on about. Whateveer.

So. I mean. The obvious answer is.

You know.


Which. I mean. COUL be self-explanitory. But. Let’s DEEP dive into South Park real quick. Let’s go back in time when the show was EXTREMELY funny. And htey weren’t going for “clapter,” like the woke, leftist comedy of Trevor Noah, Lily SUperwomanperson, modern Amy Schumer, that other Amy(>?) person… on TBS… I think. You know. WHen Trey and Matt (but let’s get real, MOSTLY Try) hadn’t spent WAY too much time in California. Right? Let’s have a rememberance of… Faith +1…

Quality sucks. A lot. But. Forreals. That’s the ONLY clip of this “commercial” that I could find. Even on the Hulu powered “South Park Studios.”

Basically. Cartman decided to start a Christian Rock band to sell a million records and get a platinum album. He asked Butters to be drummer. And told Token to be his bass guitarist. Because. Damn it, Token, you’re black. Of course you have a bass guitar in your basement. And damn it, Token, you know how to play bass.

And. Of course. Cartman was just remaking other, more famous songs. But replacing words with like, “Jesus,” or “Savior.” Ala… “Once, Twice, Three Times my Savior.” To the point where Cartman’s Christian Rock band was mmaking songs about being physically in love with Jesus.

Again. Back when South Park was going for laughter. Not clapter.

So. Yeah. Kanye.

I mean.

Do I HATE this whole “Kanye Sunder Servicer” thing? No. Do I HATE that Kanye is doing Christianity? No. Do I HATE Christians/Christianity? No.

I DO hate Christians that continuously, falsely, claim being prophets over and over and OVER again. But that’s FAR too personal a subject. And uh. Hell. I don’t even HATE Christians that don’t support things like gay marriage or anything. I DO disagree with them, of course. But I don’t HATE them. They have their right to be wrong and stupid. That’s nothing to HATE them about. Right?

It’s on par with like… the Christians that hated EVERYTHING in the 90’s. You know. THe PTC. The “conservative,” “wholesome” movement of the 90’s. And how DEMOCRATS, LEFT-LEANING folks like… you know… Bill Maher… host of a show called Politically Incorrect. Now. The left is like, “let’s shut up eeveryone! Ewww! Comedy! Ewwww I’m offended!” Ugh.

Not sure what that hasto to do with all o this Kanye thing. But.

My point is: I don’t care.

I don’t care about Kanye. I don’t care that he’s doing this “Christian” thing. It’s funny. And it’s a DAMN funny meme I created (with help from my sister for the idea of it). But in the grand scheme of things? There’s nothing to really say.

Is it a publicity stunt? I don’t know. Most likely. But.

Is it a HORRIBLE thing that Kanye is brining people to Jesus? I mean… not necessarily. JESUS. The DUDE’s words, apparent, words, I’ve been a long proponent for. You know. “Cast the first stone/Love thy neighbor/Turn the other cheek/” those types of things. What Christianity is as a whole, or, for that matter, ANY organized religion, yeah dude. No thanks.

So. I’ll leave you with something awesome. BEcause. I don’t think I wrapped this up in a good enough way. But. I’m pretty sure I nailed everything I wanted to talk about. So…

Back in the good ole’ days. When Red Eye didn’t only exist… but was still somewhat DAMN good. You know? I mean… you’ve got Bill SHulz there. TV’s Andy LEvy is hosting because Greg was off tht day, apparently. I’d assume that there was a Half-Time Report and Post-Game Wrap-up hosted by someone other than Andhy at the time. But. OH SHIT! FORREALS… i’LL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS:


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