Dude. I Need to Talk BoJack Horseman. Period.




Spoilers. Are. Happening All over the place. If you don’t want to be spoiled. Stop readning now, dude. Forreals.

Legit, one of those, “Hoorays,” is my notification sound on my fphone. Forreals.

Dude. All I want. ALL I want from this show is for BoJack and Diane to be two admittedly broken human beings to find themselves with each other. You know? They’re OBVIOUSLY… THE thing missing from each other’s lives. It’s the most obviously thing to ever be obvious.

But instead.

We’re getting this cliff hanger ending to the first part of the the final season…

Oof dude. Here. For… whatever reason… I’ve been thinking that this whole, “who is he,” meme that’s been going around had something to do with… something like… in S1? Or so. Where BoJack was like “Who was she?” Or something. And. I mean. Merhaps that’s what this whole cliffhanger thing was trying to do? I mean. Obviously. It’s obvious. We know who “he” is. But.

Ugh dude.

If all of this shit comes out? BoJack was involved in the death of Sarah Lynn. BoJack delievered Peter’s girlfriend t the E.R. BoJack nearly killed Gina on set. Dude’s gonna go to prison.

As, Diane herself said, “If there’s any justice in this town.” Or whatever. When she exposed… ugh… hi[[po ddue. In season two. Then. In reality. Weinstein happened. And the BoJack show creates some sort of Mel Gibson/Alec Baldwin hybrid character. And THE bottom line “message” was, “this dude should NOT exist anymore.” Not just cancel the dude. But fucking jail him. Because he’s a dick.

BoJack’s done SO much worse than saying words. Like that one dude. From season five. That was a Mel Gibson/Alec Baldwin hybrid.

The morale of BoJack Horseman has been… like… easily represented by this quote from season four:

I can’t believe Americans hate women more than they love guns.
-Diane Nygen.

That’s the point of view of the world that the writers/producers/Rafpheal person/etc. have had during this whole ting. Right? And. I mean. THat’s a good launching point of what you can expect from the viewpoint of the show. And stuffs.

Even given ALL OF THAT. Even given how batshit insanely progressive the show has gotten… (I mean, it’s no where near as bad and batshit as modern South Park)…

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Legit… I’ve LAUGHED once during this current season of South Park. Trey and Matt need to GTFO of California and snap back ino reality. Forreals.

BoJack Horseman is one of the most well written, complex, engaging and amzing shows on television. THe character work that’s on display here is on TOTAL FUCKING PAR with ANYTHING Vince Gilligan and Co. accomplished with Breaking Bad and/or Better Call Saul. Legit.

And just. Ugh.

BoJack’s basically. Totally. Rehabilitates himself.

But. No. He can’t have redemption. The dude’s going to go to prison or some bullshit. Because that’s what’s needed. And I mean. I don’t TOTALLY disagree. Just. Ugh.

BoJack +Diane = total bliss.

Instead. We’re gong to get BoJack in prsinon. And Diane’s gonna suicide becaue Guy falls out of love with her because she got fat on happy pills.

And. Forreals.

If you’re some insane person that says something simlar to: “OMG! THIS NEW, ‘GUY,’ BISON CHARACTER, PERSON! OMG! HE’S MY NEW FAVORITE!” Fuck you. I’ma send the white shirts to your house immediately. You’re JUST as insane as someone crying, “OFFENSE!” about an ACH t-shirt. Legit.


I love this show. It’s undeniably beautiful.

But I god damn hate this show. Forreals.

Thanks, Netclix.

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