12DoDM19 — D1: Watching of Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch (2018)

Kicking things off with a bang, right? Really, the only Christmas movie that comes to mind from last year (ther than onr other that will be a future “Watching of…” on this advent callendar). Dr. Seus”s The Gringch. As I mentioned you know… last… time… I’m not that big of a fan of the original ’66 special or anything. So. The story of the Grinch, as a whole, doesn’t do a lot for me.

But hey. I’m just starting to drink. So. Let’s start this thing, right?

    1. I gotta say. For Illuination, the annimation looks pretty awesome.
    2. I mean. Again. I’m no Grnch purest or anything but this remix of the Grinch song is no good. It’s like 50 Cent barely grtting the owrds our when he raps and stuffs. I’m not liking it. At all.
    3. Pretty sure Grich echoes most of us while the carolers are singing to him. Right?
    4. good to see that Jim’s girlfriend that isn’t Amy Adams is still getting gigs. Even if it is voice acting or whatever.
    5. Has there been a sugden influx of girl’s hockey that I’m not aware of? First Inside Out now this. Weird.
    6. Fun fact: lots of letters to Santa to the North Pole that go through the mail come to this amusement park thats like a half hour away from me. So.

      Cool. Yeah?
    7. As dumb as the movie was, at least the Jim Carrey one did a cool job of explaining why Grinch hated Christmas. I mean.
    8. I mean. Come on dude. THose CHristmas lights, although CGI and sutffs, obvious, is awesome. Right?
    10. Aww… Hitler…. what’s the matter little guy? O Tannenbaum ♫
    11. Already dude. Grinch just accidentally lit up the CHristmas Tree, right? And I’m like. Come on, dude. Let’s get to the ppoint already.
    12. Oh cool. We are getting to the origins. Kinda.
    13. Oh FFS. I’m too much of an emotional wreck. I’m tearing up.
    14. I gotta admit. I love when the dialogue rhymes. Not just the narrator person.
    15. Whoever it is that’s doing Grinch’s voice. He’s doing too much aof a Joker impression. Right?
    16. This CIndy Loue backstory is pretty lame. Pretty sure igt happened in the Jim Carrey movie too. But. At least it’ll learn some kids about how awesome life is when they’re kids, right? I dunno.
    17. Puding makes its way into everything? Really? Instresting kink you’ve got that, Illumination peoples that wrote this movie.
    18. Yeah. Again Just get to the point. Right? There’s a reason this story worked best as a 22 minutes special. You gotta throw in some screaming goat viral videoness! LOLZ!

      Fighting Frizzies at 11?
    19. Aww… friendship. I remember that.
    20. What the hell is even going on right now? Grinch is sneaking around for some reason? And he keeps running into Keanan for some reason.
    21. Is it Christmas eve now?
    22. No. It’s not. Obviously. We’ve gotta dig another hour or so out of our asses here.
    23. So it’s Christmas Eve now.
    24. And. I’m just wondering. What’s the difference between a Hoo and a Christmass Hoo? Hoo is how the word is spelled innit?
    26. Jesus Christ. There’s still 25ish minutes left? Even though we went from Christmas Eve to… HERE WE GO~! GRINCH IS GONNA STEAL SHIT! in like 2 seconds?!
    27. Merhaps starting with this movie wasn’t the bang I was hoping it would be. Right?
    28. Susie Q is doing her whole Santa trapping gimmick. Grinch is about to steal Christmas. Gorreals this time.
    29. Uh oh. We got GrinchPool

      With apologies to Brian Rogers.
    30. Susie Q. traps grinch Of course.
    31. So. Christmas got stolen. That one time. And something about Susie Q.’s mom still. You know. Jim’s girlfriend that isn’t Amy Adams. Or Pam. Obviously. You know. THe one that was also on that God awful show, Parks and Rec.
    32. god damn it. I’ma tear up again.
    33. Forreals. I wasn’t even paying attention to it. But like. A couple weeks ago, I seriously had to hold back tears during Toy Story 4. And like. I haven’t CARED about Toy Story since the first movie. Ugh. I’m so lamme.
    34. Hoos are still singing and being Christmas Hoos, apparently. Although… I don’t think they’re making the point they could or should be. As effectively as they could or should be. Or something. I dunno.
    35. I dunno man.
    36. Forreals though. It sounds nothing like Benedict Cumberbottom.
    37. A daughter’s kindness changed Grinch’s life. Somehow.
    38. I dunno.
    39. One more here.
    40. And you know Grinch boned Susie Q’s mom afterwards. Right?

Scott Mossier?! The fuck? I know I know that name.

Overall? THe movie gets 2 goat screams out of 5. So. Boom.

12DoDM is back bitch!

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