Justice League vs. Avengers

So. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use this meme, thing, that I made. I’ve put it on my Facebook page a couple of times. But oh wells. I figure. Might as well get it al out in the open and doe this whole meme thing a rambing. Or something. Right?


Justice League. Obviously. Has problems.


I mean. The reaons you clicked on this rambling has to do with THIS argument:

The Avengergers Is a FAR worse film, compared to Justice League.

Quickly. Bfpre pitchforks are grabbed, let me say this:

Jjstice Leage is NO WHERE NEAR a “perfect” film. But. Ar least. The story makes sense.

The Avengers’ story is as follows: Uh oh. Thor’s brother knows a bit more about the )whatever the word is for the blue infinity stone) thasiak? Whateer. That’s a thing. That played apart with fighiting Nazi’s in the 40’s. And Red Skull. And such. So he rips open a space hole. Alien things come. And Avengers are all like, “I dunno should we assemble or something?” And their reply was a resounding, “Nah.” Up until That one dude that wrote, directed and portrayed the Lord High Charley in the movie, Choke… apparently, faked his death by Loki. After that dude, that, AT BEST, the members of the Avengers mildlhy tolerated (none of them, showed ANY semblence of having ANY sort of affinity towards him), died, that was the thing that made them go like, “Alright fuck Loki. Dude’s gotta die!” You know. When that SHIELD’s agent was killed. Cause. That makes sense.

Justice League’s story goe something like…

Alright dude, these motherboxes are important. We need to find them all. But then… Barthalemul, or… whatever his name is. Is like, “Nah dude, I’m from Apocalips and I’ma get those motherboxes, birch!” So. Batman and Womder Womanneed to find all the metapeoples in the world to come together and stop them. After many defeats to Barthalemul, they’re like, “Yeah dude, we need to bring Superman back to life, somehow. Cause. You know. Zack Snyder’s basically an idiot fo killing him in the last movie. And. I mean, Luther was able to create life… maybe we can bring someone back to life? Even though at the end of BvS it seemed like Supes was coming back on his own or whatever. But whatever.” So they bring back Superman. Stop Barthalemul. And save the day. Save the world. Hooray.

That makes sense. Forreals this time.

Like. Forreals. Like I said in the review of the movie at the time (I mean, this whole rambling is basically just an expandion of a paragraph I wrote in siad review), I have no idea why people hated this movie. MERHAPS it’s only because I Batmanturbate or whatever. Or. You know. Because. I know more about DC things than I do Marvel’s but. Come on man.

This is a quote I’ve brought up during a lot of my “defenses” or whatever you want to call them of DC’s movies. It was… you know… 2011 or whatever it was. And there was some critic talking about Green Lantern, another movie that… wasn’t HORRIBLE as everyone’s made it ourt to be by my estimateion (though, I’m sure it wasn’t great [I haven’t seent it in years]). The critic said something like:

You see? Green Lantern is the reason we’re all sick of super hero movies. There’s too many of them!


I mean.

One of these.

At the time, Marvel had shat out like four movies, when DC had produced two. Or something similar. I’m sure I’m downplaying both sides. But still. The quote was like, “DC’s the problem.” That was the point.

Either way, man.

I don’t care.

The Avengers is filled with all of the 9/11 porn just as much as Man of Steel. But. Again. THe Supes movie was the problem.

Man of Steel legit brought tears to my eyes when I saw it in theaters. Man of Steel humanized Superman in a way that NO OTHER MOVIE featuring the character ever had. Or has since. Yet. Again. OH NOES~! DC is horrible~!

But forreals. Justice League is a MUCH better movie than The Avengers. The ONLY thing that Avengers has against JL, is the CGI looks better. Legit.

Other than that? Justice League is a FAR better movie. The plot makes sense. The action makes sense. Shit. THe post-credits scene far superior. It’s not even close, here.

And hell. Since I’ve finally watched the, now, top grossing film of all time. I’ll jus leave you with this.

Change. My. Mind.

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