All I know right now is that I was working away at the next chapter of me and stuffs, and I’vce got my playlist of songs going on in the background.


The p;aylist is on youtube. And stuffs. And

The music video. Thing of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash comes on. Among everything. THe play list has gone through “Enter Sandman,” and “S.O.S. (Sawed off Shutgun)_” and “Everuything’s Allright” and everything like such as.

Then. It came to “Hurt.” By Jphnny Cash.

And it’s affected me for the passed hour or so.

Bruh… shut up/ This is a, legit, drunken rambling. OLD FUCKING SCHOOL. Period. Shut up.

Immediately? What clomes to mind when I hear this song?

I mean.


As a wrestling fan, immediately, you think of Eddie. If you lived it, anyways.

But tonight, dude? I was actually watching the “music video” thing. Of “Hurt” by Johnny Cash. And I mean. Obviously, I’ve seent that shit befoer, But tonight? Just a couple of hours ago (or however tim works),,,



You know…


And,… blah~!

All I could see was my dad, you know? Merhaps yuu don’t I don’t knojw. I just klnw that if my dad had a creatice bone in hist body, and Christianity had no influence on him whatsoevery, this song would ring true. Almost positive. Of all of this. Pretty God damn sure.

So much so, that watching the “music video” there inspired myself o write this here rambling.

By the way, Trent Reznor’sd ASMR version of this song is complete bullshit.

I mean…|

Fine, saying that up there is too harsh. But like. Legit. I was vibing, totally, with Trent’s ASMR, song, version, thing. then like… for whatever reason. NIN was all like, “BLLLLAAAAHHHH~1” “LOUD NOISES~!” As soon as the lyrics met their… crescendo… and stuffs. And oof. Fuck that. I. Hated it.

I mean.

I dunnlo dude.

Somebody called Cash’s version “the easier listen.” Wchih. I mean. touche. I suppose.

All’s I know. Right now.

Is that.

I didn’t even…

List this song.

Yes, tes, Already argueing with myself about dumb ass “top 10s” or whatever. Shut me. Shut up. Crime. Shut uo. Youk . Shut up. Everything.

Thid song was only in my honorable mentions.  And now? I absolutely hate this fact. I’ll gladly remove any of those Glorious Sons songs, yadda, yadda…


“Enter Sandman” was ONLY #4 in that list bruh… wtf…

I hate myself. So many of the times.


I will let you down. I will make me hurt.


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