How Did Everything Go So Wrong?… Or Leaning Into Writings I Wrote as a Sophomore in High School

  1. Everything that’s about to be written, is going to have a MAJOPR link to professional wrestling. BUT. There’s a heart and soul here that is…. noteworthy? I don’t know. It’s something, anyways.
  2. Dude, This is only going to make WAY MORE sense if you’ve read (THIS RAMBLING) At least… I hope it does.
  3. The whole point of looking up these writinges (that I’m anout to share) were to make sure I hade done my due dilligence in making sure I cover EVERY top 10 list I’ve ever written (ala my top to10 movies). Since… you know… this is the year of the top 10.
  4. I didn’t write a top 10 during these… escapades. Whatever.
  5. I was onm my efed forums. And there was this dude named “The Big Shot.” And he’d always brag and be a… big shiot… about how he covered and reviewed WWE’s D-list show, Velocity. For… some MAJOR wrestling website. I dunno. I don’t remember. I only remember that everyone gave him shit that he took himself THAT seriously. You know? It’s just fucking Velocity, dude. Chill out.
  6. Once I got the “gig” to write shit on… I made a post on the same efed forums. Being like, “Dude, THAT’S ME! The piece of shit that you all hated…. but boom… the other week… they had an interview with Steve Austin himself. I’m writing bullshit columns. FOR THEM! Fucking… the fake Razor took one of MY questions on the air! Me. This dumb ass. Had a question answered!
  7. “The Big Shot” (i’m damn near positive that was his forum name too) was liuke , “PFFFT! Fuck off! I got the Velocity gig! I’m awesome! ME! I’M COOL!”
  8. And I was just happy… being a sophomore in high school… being featured by a website… that interviewed actual peoples… you know. Like. I couldn’t fucking believe it. All things considered… I still don’t.
  9. But it’s a something. That happened. In 2003.
  10. And so. Without even looking at those rants. I’m going to share all of them with you right now. Because. I can. And. Fuck Big Shot. Lmao… not really.
  11. This is me. Acknowlediging somethng I did, which I probably had no business doing, and throwing it out there.

Let’s. Fucking. Go.

There it is…

From by way of

At the end of the day?

It’s kinda fucking appropriate that it all ended with “Ryan’s Random Rantings,” right?


Shortly after all of those, alcohol would be introduced. And I’d write “Drunken blos” with typos included on

And I haven’t grown ever since. lol

That’s not true. But it’s the current truth. We’ll leave it at that.

What’s the point of this? Who knows? What’s the point of any of my drunken ramblings? All I know is that I think I need to lean into those rants the same way my favorite Cultaholic person still leans into that match that he made amazing by adding his commentary. Sop,ethjing along those lines. So. Boom.

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