America’s Greatest Cultural Achievement

With all of the ABSOLUTE great things that America has accomplished. Because there’s ABSOLUTELY plenty.

And all of the ABSOLUTE worste things that America has accomplished. Becayse there’s ABSOLUTELY plenty.

There’s ONE thing that has yet to stand te test of time. There’s ONE thing that has alluded Amaefrica/ trhoughout it’s 2240 year history. Ther’es one thing that the entire world is ABSOLUTELY right about our little, “can man rule himself” experienct over the pond here. There’s been ONE thing that is absolutely true as far as criticing America is concerned.

America has absolutel NO great cultureal achievment.

Greece spawned democracy (ramblings about how America isn’t a democracy happening in my head right now). Roman’s spawned theater. For the most part. England gave the world William. Fucking. Shakespeare (holy cunt, I just spelt that rgitht right now?). America has produced, what? Hip hop?

Elvis. Beetles. Talk shows. Blah. Blah. Blah.

(Get it, Beetles?)

Shit man. America created the great modern mythology of super heroes.

But still. There hasn’t been the GREAT culturalachievement akin to any other great emplire/country/etc. in human history. America truly doesn’t have it. As big of a flag waver, lover of the founding fathers, Libertarian peeple person, thing that I am. I, myself can admit all of his.



America does have a great, cultural achievement

It’s these guys.

I know.

i know what you’re thinking.

I JUST did this. Right?

I JUST did the whole, “Hey I’m trying to be drunkenly intellectual, but all I’m about to do is shouw you a bunch of Youtube clips that support this random, comedic point.”

Sean Hannity is NOT appeased.

Instead. All that I’m going to do right now is tell you this: Watch some episods of Beavis and Butt-head on Hulu. Last I knoew they were still up on there, anyways. So do it. With every innuendo. Ev ery damn moment that Butt-head gives Beavis a slap across the face.

Sit here and tell me.

That Beavis and Butt-head ISN”T the perfect example of EVERY great accomplishment of American ingenuity.

Ad llibbed:

Hey, Beavis.
Hey, Beavis.
What, Butt-head?
What, Butt-head?
We sent monkeys into space.
We sent monkeys into space.
Did they get spanked?
Did they get spanked?









Parody and satire all aside.

There is absolutely no denying the genius that is Mike Judge. Sure he may have had SOME missed hits. But for any filmakrer to be avble to bestow upon humanity the documentary from the future, Idiocracy, anything that comes from this sort of ingenies mind is completely trustworthy.

If only someone were able to learn from this genius….

Imagine what could be accomplished.

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