Here’s *MY* Last of Us Part II Spoilers

So dude. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done one of these. But I mean. I’m mere moments away from playing thegame and such. Right? But I figured, I might as well give this a shot since I’m having a couple glasses of my homemade wine. And I mean, for some dumb ass reason, *MY* Suicide Squad Spoilers is, to this day, one of the most search engine referrred rambling I’ve ever written. So/ Yeah. Like I said. May as well give this a shot and stuffs.

Basically, what I do in these ramblings is just tell you everything I *THINK* is going to happeb in the uupcoming story. I don’t know. Nor have I looked at the leaked spoilers. I’ve avoided social media like the plague. All I know is that there’s some trans character named Abby that’s causing a fuss. And Ellie is a lesbian. Which she was in the first game. So. I dunno why anyone would be pissed about that. But. Whatever. However. One of these spoilers is something that, through all of the trailers and everything, it’s pretty obvious that it happens in the game. So. There’s one ASCTUAL spoiler in here, undoubtedly.

And… I’m doing it all while the difitial version of the official soundtrack is playing as background noise.

So. Here we go?


Pretty sure this was the last released trailer

  1. TLOU:PII begins with Joel. You play as Joel. You walk the rest of the distance to Jackson, Wyoming. You know, right where the last game left off. You keep going on and on about how great things are gonna be. Reminiscing about old times with Tommy, much like Joel was at the end before Ellie popped that final question.
  2. Cutscene/montage. Joel teaches Ellie to play the guitar and sings to her, like she requested in the last game. It’s the last, truly beautiful moment they have together.
  3. Boom. That’s your Intro.
  4. FIVE YEARS LATER… Ellie is at the dance, kisses girlfriend persion.
  5. All of that. Next day, they go out, looking for supplies or whatever. It’s the scene in the snow and all that. On horses. Infected attack, she saves you.
  6. You go through the tutorials as you find supplies, go back home.
  7. “How would you rate our kiss last night?” Ellie bangs girlfriend person.
  8. Wake up, the two of you go out again. OH NO~! A RANDOM NIAPHITE ATTACK OCCURS! “Please stop!” Girlfriend person is killed. Dead.
  9. Ellie is let go to “spread their message.” She’s back home gearing up to go to war. Joel’s off a-wandering with turbines at the dam or something. Tommy confronts you. And you’re going to kill every one of them.

    You know, these guys. CHOP.
  11. Joel eventually shows up, hand over mouth. Ya’ll find a safe place and he says, “You think I’d let you do this on your own?”
  12. OH NO! A ROGUE ABBY APPEARS AND KILLS JOEL! (Cause… legit… that’s like… the only thing I can think of that’d have everyone pissed about this Abby person, but.. whatever)
  13. Uh…
  14. Ellie proceeds to kill each and every one of those mother fuckers.
  15. And that’s basically it. Throw in an Asian dude. And a black guy being surrounded by flashlights and guns this one time somewheres in there. Oh and Ellie tracking down some person from CHOP whilst crawling through vents and whatnot for some reason to save Abby, I think.

  16. That and stuffs.

But yeah dud. I’ma go now. Not just because I’ve been able to play TLOU:PII for 40 minutes now. But… That’s really all I can think of. So. Whatever.

Hope ya’ll enjoy the game and whatnot. Looks amazing.

Adios, world.

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