Here’s *MY* Cyberpunk 2077 Spoilers

Akin to what I said for *MY* “Last of Us Part II Spoilers,”

This rambling? What happenes is… my predictions. This is just my best guess. Whilst. Merhaps… SPOILING… SOMETHINGS that I’m pretty positive that happen in the game. So. Like. Do yourself a favor. And don’t read anything else in this rambling. Because. Merhaps. SOMETHING will be spoiled. But. I mean. Chances are… 9if I’M GUESSING SPOILERS, then… most likely… you a;ready know what I know in this situation. So. Also. I won’t even be a REMOTE dick about potential spoilers (legit, I was tryna watch a news clip about the game, when someone was like (blah, this kinda confirms spoiler thing~!)…

I’ma go OUT OF MY WAY to not do that shit.


As I present to you.

*MY* Cyberpunk 2077 spoilers.

  1. WE wake uo in this world. As this “V” person. We’re either a Corpo, Streeet Kid, or Nomad. And. Many-athing happen. Depeneding on your choice at the beginning there. So. I’ll skip that.
  2. Basically , One. Two. Skip a few. 99. We gotta go do omething either for or against this Arasaka corporation Like, if you start off as a Corpo…. Orasaka is like, “Yeah ddue! Thanks!” Or something. Whilst, they’re obviouly plotting against you. Meanwhile, if you’re playing  Nomad or Street Kid, Basucallu. No matter what… this Japanese corporation is going to hate your guts.
  3. Cause. As it turns out… you steal yourself some Johnny Silverhands. You know. Keanus.
  4. Shit dude. You, yourself are not happy about this. But///
  5. But. Bruh. You’re gonna hate yourself somer Arasaka Corporation. Even though you might’ve started the game working for them .
  6. Because. Boom. You’re left for dead. And…

    Johnny Silverhand is all like, “Kept you waiting, huh?!”
  7. And he’s your new ghost bud in your head.
  8. And at first you’re like, “Bruh, HTF do I make Silverhand GTFO?!”
  9. But eventually, you learn that the dude’s pretty cool.
  10. Not just cool as in keeps his cool. As in your “Cool” skill tree RPG thing. But the dude is actually kinda awesome.
  11. And you go out in side missions that kinda, sorta complete the game when you collect all of the items he used to own. From his Porcshe. To his revolver. To his glasses. With their powers combined…

    You complete the game!
  12. Without completing the main quest. Or whatever.
  13. But… back to the main quest…
  14. You find out that Araskea they killed Johny’s girlsfriens.
  15. And no matter the lifepath, you find yourself hating that corp too (cause I’m 1000*( positive that I haven’t spelt their name write this whole rambling)…
  16. So… boom dude. You. Wirth Johnny take that Japanese-based megacorp down! Like a boss!
  17. And uh… dude does a backflip, snapped the bad guy’s neck and saves the day. Right?

More of that, please!

A;;arently, there’s like… some VERY emoutional scens and stuffs. So. It’s OVIOUSLY going to be FAR more deep and like… complicated. In CDPR I trust. And. I’m 1000% sure I’ma cry AT LEAST once, Cause I’m an emotional wreck that cried during the “Choose Chloe (that was her name, wasn’t it)” ending of Life is Strange. Yes. This Life is Strange. And cried or welled up with tears NUMEROUS times whilst playing The Last of Us Part II of all things. So… yeahl I’m well aware the CDPR is about to make it pain with feels andf shit.

But yeah man. I dunno if I can wait the next 5 days out or not. Anyone wanna help me freeze myself?

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