An Uncharted Exaggeration

After I purchased a Playstation 3 towards the death of the last generation of video games, one thing that I kept hearing about was how amazing the Uncharted series of games turned out to be. This trilogy was a “MUST HAVE.” Ecetera. Ecetera.

Hell with things such as…


This going around, how could you not take note and/or WANT to play these games, immediately? Right?

Thus, as soon as I had $10 to spare, I went to one of my local GameStops. Purchased all three of these games. Played them. And I had them beat within a 24 hour span of playtime. Somewheres around there, anyways.



Let’s establish something RIGHT off the bat, right?

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was NOTHING more than a game to show off the PS3’s capabilities. There was NO other purpose for this game other than to do that little bit of system marketing. When its sequel was released two years later. What happened?


And I mean, look. Generally, are the games fun? Sure. They’re a decent way to spend a few hours. Are they the greatest thing to ever happen to video gaming? No. Absolutely not. Hell man. There is absolutely NO reason to play these games a second time. At all.

After purchasing The Nathan Drake Collection bundled in with my PS4, I’ve rather replayed games on my PS3 than bother with playing this “trilogy” once more. I’m 1000% positive that I didn’t pick up all of the random little trinkets that were spewed throughout all three games’ maps as collectibles during my initial playthrough. But. So what?

Nathan Drake is still going to be an unlikable sarcastic asshole just as much as he was during my first time popping the disc into my system. He’s still going to make snide, vaguely sexual remarks to his female love interest.

Snide remarks.

I guess?

For me?

The Uncharted series is a bit of over-rated, short gaming. And I, legit, can not think of a single thing that could possibly gain the high critical acclaim and praise it has received in its nine years of existence.

Then again, I found Mass Effect 3 to be, arguably (in my own head), the best in the series. And…


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