Glorious Sons/Beatles

I suppose, it’s far more impaortant, than anything, to start at the beginning.

In the beginning, it was just me… travelling several miles whenever I had to go to work for “my best friend” at his ice cream shop and stuffs. Whilst going to work, in 2018, I grew accustomed to hearing the song, “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)” by The Glorious Sons. A song that had been released, at least, on Youtube some 6-9 months prior.

My brother-;ion-law had also heard this song. And, without him, I never would have known the existence of this:

Brett Emmons’ explanation of the song…

2018, going to work for my best friend, it was a good fucking time. “S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)” would play the the radio at least once during each journey to an from work. I loved the hell out of all of it.

Then Boom. I dunno when it happened. But. I heard The Glorious Sons’ “Next” song, “Panic Attack.”


Oof. Dude.

RANDOMISH SIDENOTE: If a Glorious Son comes on the radio anymore, it’s this song. BOOOOOOO! S.O.S. is far more… I don’t know, fun?

The point is, I loved “Panic Attack,” too. From there, I learned that The Glorious Sons made many-a awesome song. From “Mama” to “Heavy” to an amazing cover of a Kanye West song…


The point is? The Glorious Sons? They make some AMAZING, catchy, MEANINGFUL songs, you know? That’s, LITERALLY the whole point. They do pop rock, and even that may be considered an insult. But. FFS. They do it amazingly. I don’t even care.


The Beatles. They also appear in this, argument thing that happens. Becausse I made it happen,.

I keep calling The Glorious Sons the “modern day: Beatles. Right?

This is a statement I’ma stand by till the day I die. No matter how much Welly may disagree. More than likely, it’s because she doesn’t, fully, understand my argument.

My argument ISN’T that The Glorious Sons make music that is equal to or even better than The Beatles. Someone else can argue that all day and most likely, it won’t end well for Mr. Emmons and stuffs.

I argue. And will stand by my perceived fact that if John, Paul, George, Ringo and that other dude that doesn’t matter… if they all came across the Atlantic and appeared on like Jimmy Fallon or something… TODAY. Year of our Lord 2021. Or… fucking 2013 (in the case of “Mama”)… if they came across the Atlantic. The Beatles. In these modern times. I FULLY suspect they’d be making music akin to The Glorious Sons.

This isn’t a “greater than/less than” argument. This is a modern day/yesterday argument.

I know. When I get all on about a band that I love, I can’t shut up about them. But. Stop it.

The Glorious Sons. ARE. The modern day Beatles. I don’t care.

Fight me? lol

Agree with me or else I’ma start a war on everything…

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