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Evan and Jason? You know. The creators/producers/show runners/documentarians/etc. of Dark Side of the Ring? As far as I know? They’re awesome people. Legit. No matter what I’m about to say? Those two dudes seem to be amazing, awesome, wrestlings fans. I mean. FFS. It’s not even like “being wrestling fans” is THAT much of something to consider. Except for. You know. Every. “Mainsteream” documentary/news story/whatever about wrestling is a;waus dark as hell. Like. Just like, Youtube, that one time (good job, CBS, you censored your own dumb ass about Youtube, on youtube, you dumb fucks).

Point is, mainstreeam? Doesn’t, will not, will never, understand THE WRESTLING INDUSTRY. Amd. Good luck to WWE. And their apparent arttempts to sell the company to NBC/Universal or Disney or FOX or anybody else. When that sale happens, the purchaser will, eventueally, be bought out by All Elite Wrestling LLC within a year or so. For pennies on the dollar.

Yes. Exaggerations, Like what happened when Disney bought Marvel. But still.

Time Warner/AOL proved that corporate suits have no idea how to run a wrestling company. Time and time again. Aside from the promotion of Eric Bischoff, that one time. But. That’s neither here nor there.


There’s that.

And while WWE creates some amazing documentaries for Peacock/WWE Network across the Atlantic (Jesus Chrsit, I’ve never wanted to live in Britain. But I do now cause they still have the WWE Network. Lucky cunts) their documentaries don’t hold a candle to Vice’s original show, Dark Side of the Ring.

OK. Sure. Production value, blah blah, sure it’s all basically on par, with a slight edge to WWE. But,

Evan and Jason? THey’ve got free reign, dude. They can actuallly say the name…

Chris Benoit…

They can actually go out and intervie Marths Hart. THey can talk about Grizzly Smith and how he raped his… whomever it were (not trying to belittle or dismiss, I just don’t remember) and Jake Roberts was born? (Oof. Now that I think on it, this doesn’t sound right at all, my bad)

The point is. Evan and Jason? Dark Side of the Ring? THey can do that.

THE BEST thing WWE has… been… PRODUCERS, AT THE VERY LEAST, on documentary type things on callibre wioth this  Vuce network show was… Whatever that Treasures show was on A&E. Specifically, the Ric Flair butterfly robe episode. Also, special recognition to Sonny Onno being a dick in a different episode. Cause fuck him. lol,.. but… Jokes… jokes.. jokes…

Dark Side of the Ring

The first two epsisodes of the second part of… what is it? Season 3? That’s what I’m hwere to talk about right now. Up until now (more on this verbiage later), I’ve had none% problems. Whatsoever. With this show. And I mean. truthfully, I don’t have “problems” now. At all.


I have all of the percentages problems against human beings.

Since a trailer for “The Plane Ride from Hell” episode doesn’t exist on Youtube, that I could find, here’s an excellent recap of what transpired on the flight.

Tommy Dreamer was interviewed dfuring the epidsode.

So, hey, he’s the Nature Boy for a reason. He’s got a hammer on him. Ric Flair’s not going to try to impose by force any sexual stuff onto anybody… He’s just flaunting, styling and profiling, doing the Ric Flair stuff where everybody’s going to laugh about it. But obviously, someone took offense to it.
-Tommy Dreamer

He’d go on to say, I’m paraphrasing, but, legit, the quote was basically: “Someone is going to be offended by me having double pony tails, you can’t do anything without offending someone.”

That paraphrased statement, in it of itself? I say, well done. Comparing double ponytails to an alleged sexual assauly? Obviously stupid. Dumb. Fuck you. But still… it’s not the Taliban firing all women from positions of power, the way people SHOULD be offended, you know? It’s dumb. But it’s no where near the end of the world. Right?

Could there be selective editing happening? Obviously. Shit. Rob Van Dam, whom, in the episode, seems like he’s saying Ric Flair raped a woman, (hyperbole, shut up) admitted that Evan and Jason used the same sort of 60 Minutes tactics that had me all fired up when the CBS show interviewed Susan Wojcicki from Youtube. Ugh.

Rob Van Dam’s tweets about ot:

Look, dude. I wasn’t there.

You weren’t there.

People “cancelling” Tommy Dreamer weren’t fucking there.

The only two(?) people, that could know the truth about this situation is Ric Flair and Heidi Doyle.

And. Allow me to say.

Hearing Heidi Doyle’s perspective, for the first time, these near 20 years after hearing ALL of the stories about the so-called “plane ride from hell.” It was eye opening. It WAS heart breaking. Forreals. I, legit, didn’t know how to react. EVERYTHING she endured (I feel obligated to say), allegedly, was terrible. Period.

Full stop.

No excuses. Nothing.



Aside from the Ric Flair situation. Shit. I’m not even talking about the Scott Hall situation. (I’m NOT at all trying to discredit or anything else, I’m saying take those situations out of it and…) Having to fucking clean up after this bullshit? THAT plane ride? Fucking. Not just Heidi. But every one. THat NEEDED to complete THAT duty? Deserves a hundred thousand dollars. At least. Bare minimum, Legit. Don’t care.

One thing, I know, FOR A FACT.

Is that Tommy Dreamer shoud NOT lose jobs. Or be suspended. Be anything. For speaking his opinion.

-Tommy Dreamer.

I fucking hate this world.  Jesus.

And then.

This episode happened.

And I cried, like, throughout most of it.

Hearing James Mitchell’s stories about Chris. Hearing how Chris helped out, even, Brian Cage. And how he reached out to fucking Matt Jackson, of all people, as he was contemplating ending it all?



Watching Chris’s heart break as he listened to Ric Flair, on the Howard Stern show, tell him that he wasn’t entertaining, etc. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

This was, arguably, even harder to watch.

To be honest? I don’t think Kanyon was really some sort of HUGE innovator. I mean, sure, everyone, eveer ripped off the flatliner. I dunno. Ugh…. This is my wrestling taste. And my wrestling taste says to me “he’s a Tommy Dreamer stand-in, cause Raven had ideas for him, hence ‘innovator of offense.'”

Tommy Dreamer, of course, in ECW had the tagline of “innovator of violence.” Raven and Kanyon were linked together as soon as Christ dropped the Mortis gimmick. Raven and Dreamer were eternally linked in ECW. Stuffs. In fact, it’s a BIT telling that Evan and Jason didn’t interview Raven for this episode. Shit, they didn’t even talk to Eric Bischoff. Whom, I’m sure would have nothing but even more glowing things to say about Kanyon.



Don’t get me wrong, he was talented, no question. He sure entertained little ole’ me. Shit. Mortis entertained little ole’ me back in the day.

But the episode? As much as I bawled my eyes out, legitimately. It made one FATAL flaw.


nWo happened DAMN NEAR a year before Mortis debuted on Nitro. Merhaps it’s just semantics , I dunno. But. This narrative played a HUGE part in the telling of the Chris Kanyon story.

The narrativwe being that Mortis. You know.

Mortis. Accompanied by James Vandenberg.

Was too, “gimmicky.” It was too, unrealistic. Too, “comic book-y.” Too “video game-y.” Too. Whatever-y.

Meanwhile, nWo. is all about realism and stuffs.

At the end of the day? Evan amd Jason weren’t WRONG. They just presented it entirely incorrectly. Again. I was a we ole’ chap. Enjoying the fuck out of Glacier, Mortis, Wrath. Et al.

Then. Eric Bishoff got a hair in his ass for…

This guy.

That was the nail in the coffin of the… “Blood Runs Cold” storyline.

The end. You know I’m right. Shut up.

Fuck Ernest Miller and everything he ever did in wrestling minus being a part of the movie, The Wrestler, cause, I, legit, never knew it was him in the movie until Dave pointed it out to me.

But still.

Fuck. That. Guy.


Christopher Klucsarits? It’s such a fucking shame. I bawled my eyes out watching the Dark Side of the Ring epidode about him .

Not to take anything away. But. Merhaps, planning on… uh… the ole’ picture wrap on Ryan for the past year, that probably had something to do with it. And “how it affected me” and everything.

Still. Another powerful, amazing episode. Just like “The Plane Ride from Hell” was. Just like the Chris Benoit episodes were. Just like… fucking… the New Jack episode was.


By and large? Dark Side of the Ring is amazing. Evan and Jason don’t need me to nitpick. They don’t even deserve my critisism. What they do is fantasic.

Period. dude/

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