Game of Bores pt. II





No. Forrealz. There’s gonna be sporatic spoilers throughout this whole rambling. So.


Last time (which is nearly unreadable at this point), I thought I made it clear that I didn’t like Game of Thrones. But… I kinda left it open-ended. So. Allow me to clarify. With a quick clarification. As of this writing. On May 23, 2019 (4:50am), I’ve only seen the seasons 1-7. And. Yes. I do, in fact, like the show. I do.

But. I mean. I didn’t, at all, fully understand the Jon Snow/Khaleesi connection. Are they brother and sister or something? Boning at the end of season seven? I wasn’tg sure.

But I’m about to clarify all of that before I finish this rambling. Because. “Tomorrow,” or… technically, today, I’m going to binge watch all of season eight. And re-watch bits of season seven just to clarify myself. Hopefully.

Abd, I mean. As much as I TRIED MY UTMOST to steer clear away from spoilers. I couldn’t keep away from the “Khaleesi heel turn” memes that went around like wildfire. Hell. I even shared one myself. And. Apparently. This is like… the biggestg thing that most people HATE about the show’s conclusion? Like? Why dude. Khaleesi turning heel makes the most sence. Hell. MatPat called it two years abgo.

But yeah man. I’m about to go cagtch myself up on everything. From the S7 refresher. To this whole S8 debacle. I’ll see you, instanteously, afterwards… “tomorrow.” Right?

So. In the meantime. I’ll leave you with Jon Snow glaring. Sadly, apparently. Without context )because I, still don’t know this context).

Fear not, dear reader, my binge watching will be instant to you.

Dude. It is currently, as of me typying the forecoming wors, 1:46am. Friday (technically), May 24th yer of our lord. 2019. And. Dude. S8E3: The Long Night. Just. Completely. Broke me, dude. I was weeping, dude. At first, when it’s all like… FUCK YEAH~1 WE’Z GONNA GET JON SNOW AND THE NIGHT KING… NE ON ONE BATTLE… THINGS… You know. THat moment when Jon Snow (who knows nothin) pulls out his sword as the Night King is walking through bodies and all that. I was smiling like a mofo.

Then. Blam. Obviousness happens. I get the obvious, actually awesome, RUSSO“! SWERVE~1 and there’s no fight with them. One, two, skip a few. And the night King comes face-to-face with Bran. And all that. I’m thinking. Alright. Bran’s about to use some sort og Geek Swuad powers. And he’s going to destroy th Night King.

But nope.

It’s fucking Arya. Obviousy. RIght?

Like. During that whole, “battle plan” in the previous epidode. And grayjouy boy’s all like, “I’ll protect you Bran.” I’m thinking, yeah, sure dude. But you’ve got to have Arya there too. But whatever.

And speaking of Grayjoyboy. Fucking. What BROKE me? Was Bran saying:

You’re a good man.

Me. Being the emotional wreck of a human being that I am. Yeah dude. THIS is what caused the weeping to ensue. Right. Ugh.

Alright. I don’t want this to be some sort of “Watching of…” rambling. I just…. needed to get this out of my systm. Cause. You know. S8E3: The Long Night is so fucking beautiful dude.

In order to break up all of this. Allow me to share this bit of awesomeness.

Oh noez~! I’m a racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic Islamophobe. But. Forreals. This is a fun watch. So. Watch it. Or don’t. It’s just an easy thing to break up… whatever the rest of this rambling’s going to be.

So. Stu. The person on the right there. THE FIRST episode of Game of Thrones that he ever watched was S8E1. And, as an “assignment,” he watched the following episodes. The above, was his review of S8E3.


Again. I don’t want this to even resemble some sort of, “Watching of…” rambling. But forreals dude. Jon Snow. Is Daenarees’s nephew? Or something? That’s…  the best conclusion I can pull out of my ass out of rewatching S7E7. And the random scroll throughs of social media ad such.

But like.


How the hell is he Jon snow’s father, right? Unless… I guess… There’s some other Targaryen brother of Daenares out there. That’s never, ever, been mentioned prior to the “reveal” of Jon Snow’s origins in season seven’s finale. Or whatever. I don’t know. Legit. I’m TOTALLY confused. Not “who the hell is that ‘eye patch’ guy?” Confued. But. Like. How the hell does anything make sense? Confused.

In my… confused… defense… I’ll… uh… kinda defend all of… even my own confusion at the conclusion of this rambling. Hopefulle.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Dude… I don’t know what I just wrote before this. But. This whole negotion of “Highgarden.” Between the Lanisters and the “cutthroat.” Was fucking brilliant. Like. “I’m going to make this pencil disappear… TADA! IT’S GONE!” “You think you can steal from us and just walk away?” “Yeah.” Brillian. Dude.

RANDOM SIDENOTE AGAIN: I know one “dire wolf” was executed that one time many-a season ago. But like. How’s this random wolf, that charged with the Dothraki… that mofo is still alive? Somehow? And needs to go with the Freefolk? Sorry. Sigh. Blah. I’m making this WAY too much of a “Watching of…” rambling.


The TRUE hero of Game of Thrones. Sue me.

RANDOMISH SIDENOTE: Sigh. Basically. There was once upon a HuffPo-ish writer that said something along the lines of, “OMG, i LOVED GoT because the unsullied proved how racist everything in the world is~! And. It’xs a shame that GoT hasn’t made their oppression MUCH MORE VISIBLE~1 BECAUXE!@ WHITE PRIVLEDGE~!” And. Basically… dudw. Somehow. The opressed peoples of America decided that GoT was showcasing white privledge oppression. Somehow. I mean. FFS. The “unsullied” leader person… is… LEGIT… leading Jon Snow into this battle thing here.. in E5. Legit. That dude. Is. Leading. Jon Snow. MUCH RACISM~2 UGH!


I’m not even half-way through E6. When. You know. Jon Snow kills Daenarisis Khaleesi and alld that. Right?

But. Just. Before that happarened. I’m sitting here, thinking…

Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker.

Although. Forreals. Her touching the Iron Throne before all that? Absolutuely awesome. Forreals.

FUCK YEAH, DUDE! The dragon burns down the Iron Throne. Awesome.

So. I passed out. I guess, “half way through episode six.” And like. Even still. What I know happens (cause I’m rewatching the episode now.) how the hell could anyone hate this season, right? Sure. THe heel turn is, BORDERLINE a RUSSO!@ SWERVE~1 But… I’m more concerned about how the hell the Dothraki are still alive in front of the destroyed palace thing. I just saw them all get slaufhtered by the white army.

Shit dude. Even the heel turn wasn’t THAT bad, right? Khaleesi’s still all on about liberating the whole world and stuffs.

I’m pretty sure Tyrian is doing is own version of First They Came for… here in this imprisoned talk with Jon Snow.

Friends, please. We’ve been cutting each other’s throats long enough.

It’s kinda a throw away line here. Half-way through E6. Agaikn. Made by that one dude that served the gay Barathian. And the red woman and stufffs. But forreals. Is that NOT the lesson GoT is teaching us? Fuck off with all these dumb, little disagreements. Dude. Let’s make America make sense again, right?

Dude. At this point. Point thdy all voted to make Bran king and stuffs. And dude. How? Right? How ia everyone so pissed off? This shit is so beautifuk.

So. Bottom line? Everyone thah hated this season is dumb.

You were exactly where you needed to be.

God damn it. I’m weeping. Forreals.

Oh my Jesus man. This is so God damn good. There’s no words. None.

This “game of bores,” is just too brilliant. Too perfect. Too. Everything, dude. While it has its bouts of being “boring” or slow, you know, the initial thing that made mme dislike it… years ago. It’s ALL well worth it. WAY too worth it.

This is such a fucking masterpiece dude. The end. Bar none.


God damn. So brilliant. However, I’d like to have heard “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” at least once in S8. But. Oh wells.

Dude. I don’t know how to end this rambling. Because. I don’t know how to end ramblings. But this gif is a thing. That somehow reperesengts the end of the show. Somehow. So I’ll leave you with it.


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