Dude. Let’s start this rambling with a piece of weirdness I foud. Trying to look up foot fetishes. Right? Caue like. The EASIEST, WERID¬† example of fott fetishes that isn’t on Pornhub was on an episode of WWE Raw. In like. 2005. But.

Just. Fucking. TRY to watch that 3ish minute piece of Youtubeness. Just. TRY. I know I can’t. I mean. I’ve tried. But. There’s NO WAY I’ma EVER FINISH IT. eVER.

The segment on Raw, in which this was pulled from (obviously, the uploader did some manipulation to make it so that his video doesn’t get pulled down but) then… it all gets even fucking creepier. WAY creepir than how it appeared on Raw in 2005ish.

Like. OK. Ugh. I’m listening to the high-pitched audio edit and stufs. and ugh dude. Ugh.

Ugh… dude. Just listening to it in the background is gros.

Again. Grosser than as it appeared on Raw. In real life. lil



All I know is that, I’m prety sure my dad has a foot fetish. And I KNOW for a FACT that my oldest brother does. My sister is creeped the fuck out by feet. Even more so than she is by tits. HEY-O!

And I’m here like…

How does one find feet sexually attractive?!

Ugh. I’m such a boomer that I misused the “ONE DOES NOT,” MEME. BOOOOO!

I mean. You do you. Of course. I’m not one to judge. But like.

WTF mate?


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