Counting Down Doomsday #1: Better Late than Never

So. For the first time in my life, I decided I wanted to coollect an entire series of a comic book story arc, before it’s released in a graphic novel sort of form, you know what I mean? I wanted to collect and read the single issues of a series and such. Right?

I almost pulled the trigger to do this on Max :andis’s “American Alien” Superman story arc. But I didn’t.

Instead. When I found out that DC was bringing the characters of the “Watchmen” “universe” whateverness (Bear in mind, I’ve often said, Watchmen is the best comic story I’ve ever read). In to play with their toys of the DCU. I knew I had to pull the trigger.

And now, I figured, I’ do my best to review my experience. At first, I thought I’d do this in four parts, but instead, I settled on three. So, uh… this is the final time you’ll have to put up with that intro. Congrats!

I’m late enough as it is, since like, the final book of th series was released back in December and such. Let me just quickly ay, I’m probably gonna be jumbling some of this shit up even though I just reread these four boks a couple hours ago. Now. Let’s ger RIGHT into it.

#1: Better Late than Never

Doomsday Clock #9

So. Massive warness happened in RUssia. Firestorm killeded everybody dead. Hard. You know. In #8. Superman came to support Firestorm, like a dumbass, as Batman said. I think. Uh…

But now we’re in #9.

Supes is back at hte Hall of Justice, peoples are a-prostiesting outside.

But mostly… we’re with Jon. You now. Dr. Manhattan. On Mars. And we’re seeing all sorts of MOSTLY B-E (with some A–Listers) level DC heroes heading towards the red planet on space ships and such. Even like. Green Lanterns (this isexplained as in they were bringing others with them and stuffs but still, WTF are Green Lanterns on a space ship heading to Mars, right?).

The A-E listers of DC heroes confronts Jon.

Batman wakes up in the Batcave or whatever. Tryna send a message to Mars, Tryna tell The A-E listers that Manhattan isn’t the real threat. He’s onto Adriaen. Ozymandiasness.

A bunch of Magic mofos you know, Zatana and suhc, hit Manhattan with their “magic,” Manhattan grabs their energy, forms it into a ball, holds it, examines it, scientifically explains it, then explodes it back at then.

Abd like. Legit? That’s all I can think of that DEFINITELY happens in this book. Other than, like, merhaps, Luthor meets Lois? And starts describing the existence of Jon and Janey’s photo thing? I dunno. Merhaps that comes later in the series.


Most Likely…

THat whole thing happens in….

Doomsday Clock #10

d]You know. That thing on the right there.


Right? Yeah. I’m pretty positibe this is where we see Lex Luthor approach Lois Lane again and shows her that the Jon/Janey photos keep being left at dirrent periods in time.

Because. This is the book where Dr. Manhattan stalks thefuk out of this Carver Colman dude. He’s been the actor of this movie series things/ The Nathaniel Dusk movies that’ve been playing in old folks homes since the beginning of the series. Manhattan’s been stalking the fuck out of him throughout the years.

And he’s altering the multi/metaverse and he uses Carver Colman. You know. The kid on the right there. To discover how he can affect the metamultiverse.


Dr. Manhattan. Throughout this whole book. Is discovering how the meta/mutliverse works. And specially, how Superman is THE center of it all. He’s the one and only child. Without Superman, without Superman being the symbol of everything that’s right, good, and everything else… without Supid man being raised Ma and Pa Kent… and how each “new” crisis affects Superman… how it affects the unnivers.

I’m pretty sure.

That within all of Jon’s paraphysical science lessons (lefit? it’s not that boring or anyting I’m just being a dick for no reason so I can write more words to make this ramling work)…Lois is also learning of Jon’s recreating the photograph of him and Janey as seen in Watchmen and whatnot. I’m damn near positibe. THis happens towards the end of the book.

Lois learns that Luthor has been studying all of these photos that have appeared randomly, even in like the 1930’sm even though Jon’s wearing circa-1950’s clothing in the picture.

Lutor discovers it all. And he knows that the reality in which these peoples live is being altered. Somehow. Because. This photo. This Jon/Janey photo. Exists. A lot.

Doomsday Clock #11

So. Uh.

This book?

I don’t even know what happens.


SOmething about…


Wonder Woman is meeting withthe UN? I think?

And basically.

The point of this book is…

Adrien Veidt is watching all of the things. Ever. And stuffs.

And uh… Those threee villains seent in the cover there, and others, they all attack Wonder Woman meeting the UN. No. That happened at the en of #10. Those villains from Kunuhqistan show up and such.

But the fight persists.

Must’ve been at the end of #10 where Supes woke up in the Hallf of Justice an whatnot.

Now… th national guard is going after Batsy in Gotham.

Afred hyst read the Rorsach journal. ANd he’s gone to Arkham to free Reggie two faces. You know. Rorschach.

Uh… That’s.

Literally All I can think of.

Oh no. One more thing.

Supes shows up.

And he’s there to fight the Kuniqistan villains and stuffs. And then like. UK sends heroes to fight the Kunuqers. Australia sends support. And a few other countries doe too.

OH FUCK!  We find out The “Superman theory” is partially true. That probably happened in this issue. Cause like. Manhattan showed Ronnie Two-People-hero person… you know… firestorm. That uh.. Professor… Stein person… Ugh. Now I’m an anti-semite. Thanks, brain. Steinperson was working with the U.S. government to create Superheroes and whatnot. Metahumans. Multiverse things. Boom. “Superman theory” is kinda true.

Doomsday Clock #12

So. Yeha dude. Sorry that I’m ending this shit with panels instead of the cover but uh…

so much I should say here. But like. At this point? THis rambling is just work. It’s not fun anymore. But god damn it. I gotta finish it.

Supes and Manhattan officially “meet” and what not. Adrien, Robbieshachs, Bats, and co they all meet up too.

Manhattan finds his hope again.

He realizes that Supes is the enter of the meta/multiverse. And everything else. Becaue. Obviously.

And Supes talks him into saving both “worlds.” The “Watchmen” world. And this world we’ve been living infor the past 11 issues.

And like.

Yeah dude. THe worlds are saved. But also because Adrien Veidt said so too? I don’t know.


Coolness that needs to be said in case you don’t know…

Dr. Manahattena is all like, “wow, these multiverses are cool. And 10ish years from now, we’re going to see a ‘Secret Crisis’ where Supes fights Thor and Hulk and Doomsday is killed by these dudes defending Supes from thse invaders.” I mean. That’s basically what he says.

And now…



One more “space paragraph thing” to make sure the HTMLnsss works.

I mean. No. But.


I mean…

You know…

The elephant in the room or whatever….

The piece of shit that Disney is. Or whatever.

So. YEah. Let’s let Disney own DC comics too. Right. Jae? Right? Let’s have them all be together?!

Ugh dde.


Doomsday Clock. Especially #12. Had a lot of awesome shit to say. About how divided we are. And why shouldn’t we just let the world end. Because it’s so divided and dark now, now that we can just reach for our phones and create hate….

Which.. jjust.. RANDOM SIDENOTE… Someone that I LOVE and respect… kinda, sorta, called me a goose-stepping Nazi… outta nowheres… which is why I rambled nonsensically last week… because… I legitimately have no idea how to respond to this sort of nonsense.

Division’s forreals.

And we allne eda  Superman to give us hope these days, dude. Come on ya’ll.

At the end of the day. Someone in Veidt’s Watchmen world is gonna call herself Nostalgia.

And like.

THe New 5542 is gonna happen. As soon as DC/Warner Brothers figures out WTF this all means now that Dan DiMAggio is fired and what not.

Blah. I’m future rambling. About things. After the fact of Doomsday Clock.

Doomsdat Clockis a fun read. Obviously. Apparently, you need to have been reading ever DC Comic book ever to TOTALLY appreciate EVEERYthing ABOUT IT. But even outside of that… there’s fun times to be had. I promise.


Next time I ramble about comics? I’m getting this off of my chest.

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