The Biggest Missed Opportunity in WrestleMania History

So. It was announced this past week that WrestleMania is going to be “going Hollywood” for the firs time since 2005. You know. When WWE went to the city of angels for WrestleMania 21. The return happens next year for WrestleMania 37. From the new… you know.. whatever the stadium is called that the Rams will play in. And… you know.. the one that the Chargers will be paying rent to play in. Whatever the new name is.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: The new XFL made a HUGE mistake by having an L.A. team. they DEFINITELY  should have capitalized on the pissed off fans in San Diego. But. Oh wells. That’s, basically, the only mistake they’be made, now that we’re heading into week three of the new XFL. So. That’s a plus, for sure.

But tonight? I wanna ramvle about the biggest missed opportunity in WrestleMania history.

A match tht should have happened at WrestleMania 21. Back in 2005. THe last time WrestleMania went Hollywood. At the Royal Rumble in 2005? All the pieces were put into place. But. It just. Didn’t happene. Because Vince McMahon got a hard on for Randy Orton. For… some reason. Basically.

And I mean. At Royal Rumble. Orton was still working face. Prolonging his feud with Trople H. For some reason. Whilst Batista was a double-quad-tear away from winning the Royal Rumble match itself and going to beat Triple H at ‘Mania. And sutfffs. And I mean. Orton had been doing the “legend killer” gimmick thing. In the past, like… the whole Muck Foley Feud was a thing. And like. Other things. In fact, 2004 was probably like, prime “legend killer” gimmick times. Right?

And for, whatever reason, Bince and Co. decide to pivot away from what they built upon at the Royal Rumble…. Forreals… watch the Undertaker/HEI–DEN-REICH casket match. Better yet, be sure to watch the SNITSKY`1/HEI–DEN-REICH segent that preceded the match… but the match in igt of itself… dude. Fans were into it. They gave crazy heat to SNITSKY~! who does a run in. THye popped like CRAZY when Kane made the save for Taker during that caskey match.

The ground work was done.

Fans were into it. It was fucking money.

Jon liked what Gene did to babies. Gene liked Jon’s poetyr.

As I’ve talked about before.

But there was an even better scene just before the casket match with HEI-DEN-REICH/Undettaker at the 2005 Royal Rumble.

HEI-DEN-REICH, is knelt down, repeating the word, “Caskets,” then he says, “I hate caskets!” until he stand s up. SNITY~! then appears next to him.

SNITSKY`1 says, “I hear you don’t like caskets.”

HEI0DEN-REICH replies, “Like? I don’t like caskets! I HATE THEM!” These previous words, and the words that follow are all said with an intense, whispeer-y voice. The most intense whisper-y boices ever.

SNIGTNSY’S intense whisper is so much on the DL it’s creepy as fuck when he says, “I know you hate caskets,” Both men breathing heavily as they stare deeply into one another’s eyes. “I don’t like them either.” SNITKY proclaims. He then places the back of his hand on HEI-DEN-REICH’s chest when he smiles brightly and says, “But I do like you, Jon!”

HEI-DEN REICH takes many-a deep breath. Looking bewildered and generally confused by what was said. His breath crackling, he says, “I like yuou too, Gne!” Quivering with fear in his voice he quietly, intenseley exclaims,  “But I still hate caskets!”

SNITSKY~! Smiles even wider. “I know. I know, Jon!”  Jon breathes even heavier into SNITSKY`1’s face. SNITSKY`~!;s eyes widen brightly. His smile grows and he says, “But I habve an idea.”

Completely worried and befuddled HEI-DEN-REICH spouts out, “You do?!”

“Yeah,” sNITSKY~! smiles and replies matter-of-factly.

Still confused, worried, and hating the idea f caskets, HEI-DEN-REICH lemments, “OK. An idea? That sounds good.” ALl of the words were practically said under his breath. Intensely.

SNITSKY!@ just stood there. Nodding his head. Smiling. Like the baby killer he is at heart.

Ugh dude.

Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…

The build. Post-Royal Rumble 2005 was, undoubtabley Brothers of Destruction vs. SNITSHY~!/HEI-DEN-REICH. And FFS, dude. THe fact that we got some bullshit Randy Orton/Undertaker match. Built of off the fact that Whoreboy was kinda a legend killer, merhaps. At the time, Orton was the greenest, most boring piece of nonsense. Forreals. Even his match against foleh did his no favors. He was just this anoying, piece of nothing that got everything handed to him. The fact that he beat Benoit, CLEAN AS FUCK. MAde zero sense. Me bieng a memeber of the IWC at the time, I can tell you, I was pissed about this. I’m pretty sure others were too. Just. Whoreboy going against Taker made no sense. Again. He was JUST working babyface against Trips at the RUmble.

Kane? He didn’t do anything except take part in the first ever MitB match. Which. OK. Cool. First ever. Especially with how awesome MiTB has becomes ad whatnot. But. Did he NEED this match? Nopes. Did Whoreboy NEED the match against Taker? Nopes. Especially since he lost.

The fans. Myself most of all, obviously. I’m the only person in the world still complaing about this. We were robbed of MONTHS of booking. Just t have Whoreboy shoved down our throats even further when he didn’t need the match. Kane did fuck all. HEI-DEN-REICH/SNITSKY!! didn’t do a damn thing on ‘Mania. And. I mean. Apparently, this is a good thing, according to most everyone. For some reason.

But FFS.

SNITSKY~!/HEI-DEN-Reich vs. Brothers of Destruction… MAKES SENSE. That was like… the ONLY thing that could’ve made sense that’Mania. Sure. OK. Batista finally getting the LESNAR~! push made sense. But. Ugh. Can anyone tell me any other matches that happened at the show. Oh. Yeah. Cena/JBL. Obviously. But like.

I don’t care.

Like I said. Fans were into this story. GTFO.

This shit made sense.

Listen to that reaction for Kane. Oof dude. People were into this. FUck you CUltaholic/Whatculture progressive type of cunts. And like. Everyone that does their damndest to discredit the legacy that should have been SNITSKY~!/HEI-DEN-REICH!

Instead of delivering the easy dream match.

WWE did this with the storyline.

That’d be a perfect punt in the new XFL.

iFuck this.

SNITSKY! 4 champ! 2005!

Paid for by the Pro-Abortionists of America. 2004.

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