10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part Two — Halkumizing

So. Everything I just rambled about in the last part?

Like. 95% of it didn’t matter. At all. At. Fucking. All.

Because all of it? ALL of it. It wasn’t RyansDrunk.com. In fact, it was RyansDrunk.Wordpress.com. That’s it. Just a stupid wordpress blog that no one should have ever, EVER paid attention to. And I mean, more than likel, that’s that it should have always been. But. You know. A rogue Ben Halkum appeared.

And he was resurrecting halkum.com As a… hub… thing… for… everthing… ever.

I noticed this. And I sent Ben a message. It probably read something like:

Hey dude, I’ll write something for Halkum.com every day if you buy me RyansDrunk.com… how’s that sound?

I mean, there’s modern my modern voice up there but I doubt that I’m too far removed frpm what I actuallually proposed, honestly. And so… I did. I wrote things for Halkum.com. For I dunno? 10 days straight? That’s MAX. 10 days. MAX. I mean. Pretty sure, however many days it was I definitely stopped and probably wrote some more, maybe four things? TOPS?! I dunno. Point is, I was a dick. And didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. Buit I mean. There’s NO DOUBT I wrote some bangers inthere that I WISH were available here on RyansDrunk.com, even.

Things like, my Survivor by Chuck Paluhniuk review. My review of WWE’s nWo: Back in Black(This one, I remember the most because I was a dumb ass… devoting a whole paragraph to something like, “It’s obvious that WWE doesn’t care about the nWo theme, they let the license expire!” Yet… upon further watching(s) of the documentary, there’s a WHOLE ASS SEGMENT dedicated to the themem usic. And it’s almost as long as Sting’s involvement. Segment. WHICH IS STILL BULLSHIT. The ONLY. MOTHER. FUCKING. TIME. STING. WAS. EVER. GIVEN. DUE. CREDIT. FOR. HIS. SUCCESS. AND THE STORY AGAINST THE NWO… BY. WWE. DOCUMENTARIANS. WAS. IN. THE. WWE NETWORK EXCLUSIVE SHOW. The Monday Night War.

THE reason I love wrestling. Right there. Kinda.

But whatever.

My boy, Ben. Owns RyansDrunk.com.

Ben also created the FSW Network, you know Future Stars of Wrestling. The Las Vegas based promotion. He created their network. And. I mean. For only $6.99 you get access to over ten years of content, live events, and discounted pay-per-views from Future Stars of Wrestling. Where Chris Bey, Karrion Kross, and Zoey Stark got some of their first chances to shine!

And I mean. I’m just saying. But.

Let’s put it this way. Even back inthe wordpress.com days… I tried to make wrestling a BIG part of the things I rambled about. Shit. Dude. Legit. After the first three ramblings I wrote, basically titled The Three Things a Bartender Should Never Talk About, The tje VERY next rambling was, Token Wrestling Rambling (Now, I mean, I didn’t remaster this rambling or anything… the broken images are still there and I’ve no idea if I could FAITHFULLY stand by that top 10 list of my favorite wrestlers).

Tje point is, wrestling? It was kinda importnant. Since the beginnning. Because due, like, wrestling’s always been important to me. Especially as far as my “internet…” what’s the word? “Persona?” Maybe? Is concerned. Whatever.

God damn it, Ben.

Ben was always a huge supporter. That’s the takeaway here.

And from there? RyansDrunk.com was born.

And I mean….

A LARGE part of RyansDrunk.com became about politics. I mean. I went through this phase, for some reason.

RIP, bruh. 9,9,9 times over.

But mostly. From like 2012-2014… RyansDrunk.com was all about this, basically…

Easily put, I guess.

RANDOMISH SIDENOTE: I have no idea where to look as far as facts go. But. I swear on my life, Bill Clinton was listed as one of my top five favorite presidents in one of my earliest ramblings. If you doubt me, buy or “buy” the first volume of The Drunken Diaries. The “books” page is up there… It looks like it’s broken but you can still find the Amazon pages for the books in there… pretty sure anyways, I don’t fucking know.

But yerah. A lot of RyansDrunk.com was all about bitching about how Obama sucked. Mixed in with reviews of things, and wrestling, and probably other stuffs.

And Jesus Christ do I regret getting political. “Getting political” has killed… everuything ever. And, in hindsight, I totatally regret all of it. But whatever bruh. Hated me the the ‘Bamas. Or something.

But uh… that’s what RyansDrunk.com was for… a LONG  ass time. And shit. As of this writing (although I think it’s gone once I post this) my 2020 “election coverage” is still… you know… right there… on this here front page. And. Just. Whatever man.

I’m sorry I did this to you, dear reader.

Buh uh…

That was, probably, the biggest foxus at the times and stuffs.

Then, a fateful March 29, 2013 happened. I was plum out of ideas of things to ramble about. So I went to a good friend of mine (well, we were good friends at the time, who the hell knows anymore about time and stuffs)… and I asked, on Facebook…

But I did. And. It ended up being the most “popular” thing I ever did on RyansDrunk.com

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