Dark Knight: Modern Classic

Yeah man.

I know. This rambling is like. Month’s too old at this point. As in. I should have done this rambling a month before I “took six weeks (or however long that was) off,”and stuffs. Better kate than never and such, innt?

Vut lirr. Bake in July, the film, whch I onsider to be the greatest of al time, The Dark Knight, turned 10 years-old. Which used to mean, it’s automattically considered a classic. Maybe the perhamaters on that has changed. I dunno.

Sio. I promise. I’m going to try to not repeat things I’ve said in previous ramblings too much. Vyt I mean.. outside of doing a “Wating of…” rambling (which… I may dust off the ole’ rambling thing and do it sp,eto,e thois year) I’m going to go over The Dark Knight in as many-a detail as possible.

And. You know. keep this rambling oinstresting. And such.

RANDOM SIDENOTE: Dude. Back when I workded at the movie theater. This poster thing was WAY up towards the cieling. It was a huge, probably, 15×8 ft. cloth poster. Or something. Right? Like. Legit. It’s my biggest regret in life that I didn’t snag up this poster before they threw it out (or before I quit the theater for that matter).

There is no debate guys. None. Whatsoever. The Dark Knight IS the best movie featuring comic book “super hero” lore. Period. The Avengers happened once. Sure. Spider-Man 2 happened once. Sure. For the time, Superman back in… whatever 70’s year it was happened once. Sure. Hell… Batman (1989_) happened once. You know. The reason that I love Batman. Sure. Or. Hell. The FAR more assinine argum ents Batman Returns happened once. Sure.

Jesus. This movie’s so dumb.

The Dark Knight, for me, begins the night I learned that Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. Must’ve bneen late 2006-earluy 2007. I’d fact check. But nah. I was confused and stuffs. “WHY WOULD BROKEBACK!~ BE THE JOKER?~@!” And such. You know? Like everyone. But later in the night, I told my sister about the casting. Her response was, “That make sense, he has that huge smile.”

That was all I needed to hear. After that, I know Nolan and coo. were up to something special.

And this first look was released.

And I’m like, “what?!” I mean. I definitely didn’t get it. Obviously. But at the same time, I knew just looking at that. They’re obviously going for something seriously different. And sark.

After that, you were glued to like… ANY glimpse of Ledger’s Joker. The UK’s Empire Magazine released an image of his sock. And the internet blew up about it. Before you finally saw the cover of the magazine and stuffs.

You know.

Must’ve been prior to tht, they released the first teaser trailer. And I know I was like, “WTF?! I’m not sold on his Joker voice.”

Just FFS.

Even the South Park epidode, “Imaginationland pt. @” featured this Heath Ledger Joker.

And it was awesome to get a glimpse of… whatever was going on with this movie and stufgfgs. You know?

I Am Legend is released. And. You know. I’m working at the movie theater. Legend came out around Christmans (I’m such a feminist) and stuffs. And we had a Christmas party where we all got ot watch the movie earliy and stuffs. In the previews was the first seven minutes of The Dark Knight. And everyone that I worked wth knew how excited I was.

Just. Really. The night was awesome. Even with that douche walking in the background there.

Bank heist scene. All that. Joker put the bomb in the dude’s mouth. And it ended up being a smoke bomb. Fucking lobed that. Still do. When I saw that? Forreals. I knew this movie wwas going to be phenomenal. You know? Because. That there. Putting a smoke bomb inthe dude’s motuh. Thinking that it’s a grenade or something.

That is. FUNDAMENTALLY the JOKER. You know? And I was sold.

Heath’s death happened about a month later.

And that sucke.d


But, you know. Whatever, I guess? Innit?

God damn it.

I’ve messed this whole ramblign up like. Already.

I’ve done the opposite of what I set out to do. Forreals.

Whenever ANYONE talks about The Dark Knight, the only foxus is heath’s Joker. Right? But no dude. Stop it. Just like me. In this rambling now. I’m stopping it.

Fiundamentally. The Dark Knight isn’t about the Joker. At all.

The Dark Knnigth. Is ALL about…

This dude.

It must’ve been around mid-2007 when I learned that Aaron Eckhart was cast to play the GFothal City district Attorney. It ewas maybe six mnths earlier I watched the film Thank You for Smoking, which stars the would-be Two-face. Right? And like. As SOON as I heard he was to be Harvey Dent. I knew this move was going to be fantastic. Like. All doubts were dropped.

But forreals dudes. Stop it. Stop all the Joker talk.

This movie is ALL about TWO-FACE. Or. You know. Harvey Dent.

And. I mean. Two-Face is my, PERSONAL, favorite Batman villai. I mean. Obviuoulsy Joker is THE BEST batman villain. Two-Face is just my favorite. So much so. That shirt there, I bought it before I bought this other, more Batman-centric and importanty one. Right?

I can’rt find the direct¬† quotes. But. Forreals. Christopher Nolan said time and time again. “this movie isn’t about the Joker, this is more Harvey Dent’s story.” Or something along those lines anyways.

And. You know. Just amazingness. Right?

A MUCH better “side-by-side” image of this exists. Just. I couldn’t find it.

And. Just.

Come on.



Aaron Eckhart. His Two-Face. IS the most iconic thing about The Dark Knight.

Yes. Heath Ledger. The Dark Knight in general. Are the only aspects of a comic book movie to EVER win a MAJOR Academy Award. But dude. Guys. Forreals. Come off it.

Like. Back then. In 2008-2009. After Joker was captured in the mvie, everyone. From my nephews, to anyone I’d watch it with, would lose interest in the film. But ddue.


Thanks to Heath’s efforts, the Joker charatter has now beome an iconic role. It’s become the moder-day Hamlet. It’s a role actors want to portray and take their spin on it? You know? I mean. It was rumored that Leonard DiCaprio would dawn the makeup and clown getup before it would eventually fall to Juaquin Phoenix and all that.

But Arron Eckhart’s Two-Fact? Nah dude. No one’s clammering for the role. And I mean. There’s NUMEROUS different reasons. But. Forreals. Araron perfected it.

The Dark Knight. IS. FUNAMENTSALLY, harvey Dent’s story. According to Christopher Nolan himself. Swear to God. (Forreals dude. After everything I obsessed about the movie above, if you don’t believe Christopher Noland BASICALLY said that quote up there, GTFO, right?_)

The Dark Knight is Harvey Dent’s story.

It’s Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece.

It’s the movie I’ve wanted to see since I was six-years-old.

For me. Itl’ll probably be the best movie of all time. Forever.

And now. Since the earth revolved around the sun (if you actually believe that “round earth crap!” HEH!) 10 times. It’s a modern day classic.

And even watching it… fairly recently. It is still. EASILY. The best comic book movie ever. Period.

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