Battinson Begins

So uh…

This happened like… a day or three ago…

Legit? That was the first time I WATCHED this reveal. And. Uh…

Dude. That theme? The music there. Oof. That’s THE thing that The Dark Knight Trilogy missed. It’s a GOOD theme. Obiously. Batman’s them was something like…

du dun duh DUH du dun duh DUH DUH…

Right? But it was no where NEAR as iconic as the 89, theme. Right off the bat though? That shit soudns awesomme.

Now. Here. Just a quick disclaimer or something. And llike. I’m, not exactly stating tis as coming frm yself. Because like… maybe I’m too drunk (which isn’t the case) or the video quality sucks too much or whatever. But I was first alerted to all this via Popcorned Planet and… THE FIRST time I SAW this reveal.. it was black and white… like Andy Signore showed and such.

Point is… they went over how it appears there’s stiching around the nose or whatever/ I don’t see it. I guess I’m blind or need better eyes or graphics card or someting. lolz!




Me. Batman experet person thing I claim to be. Test me. Come at me bro.

What do I think of this reveal?

First of all… Sure there’s VERY much Arkham ispired things happening. Especially with the emblem. There’s a VERY MUCJH Arkham Knight thing happening with the Bat suit. All of this, I’m fine with. Especially since, this is supposed to be another “ESTABLISHED” version of Batman. Not a, on the brink of retirement/suicide mission, like Zack Snyder was going for. BUt.. established. Right?

Nitpicky? I Hate that the cape bit is poking out at the neck there like a golden age Green Lantern.

Obviously, it’s not THAT dramatic. But.

And. Oof dude. For some reason. This clip cut off at the “ears.” And like. I’ve got this sinking feeling that they’re gonna go with golden age Batman “ears.” You know.

All wide and weird and shit.

Or,,, like… just weird… in genral as was seen throughout the Killing Joke animated movie…

You know?

Mhy bet’s on all wide and weird. Golden age Batman style. Especially since all signs point to this. The emblem, though, sure, it looks all Arkham and shit but look at that Golden age snippet up there it’s virtuallhy the same logo, dude. And I mean… further proof… right?

I dunno man. I still gotta see more before I love or hate this shit. Most likely, we’re gonna get wide, weird “ears,” and I’ma hate it and be all like #NotMyBatman or something. But whatever. So long as the “ears” are normal enough. Hell. Killing Joke normal enough.. then… cool. Right? Again. I need more to be fully convinced about anything.

Outside of, dude. that theme… whatever it’s going for… is bad ass!

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