ANNOUNCING: 10 Days of Top 10 Christmas Movies

Boom. I figuted it out. Lidna.

I love. Love. Love. Love. Doing the “12 days of a Drunken Mess,” right? But you know… since… this is the year os top 10’s. And all that. Let’s. Forking. Go. Bruh,

I’ll be doing… I dunno… ten days.

Of top 10 Christmas movies.

And. To get this overwith… yes. The same joke I mentioned in the top 10 horror movies was in eeffect in the ole’ podcastsy things. Yes. But. Whatever.

I don’t care. I’m not sure when thes e tiop 10w’s will start. Probably tonight,. Or. You know,. The “royal tonight.” But. I’ll make it make sense. I don’t care.

10 days.

Of top 10 Christmas movies. Are about to happen.

In your face.

Take that, Dad!

Or something.

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