re: If This Were the End…


It’s possible that these are my last words again? Who knows. Probably not. But. Possibility’s there.

And. I mean. Without going into SOOOO many 9/11 details. I pretty much stand by what I said. September 13th, last year.

Which… I’m quoting the whole rambling now. But. Click it again if you wanna.

Man. I’ve got so much shit to Ramble about.

From AEW and All Out to… a fucking modern Madden review. To fucking… Cp,omg close to dying twice within a month (legit, tonight, as I write this, I felt my heart stop beating a few hours ago). To fucking Afghanistan… to fucking COVID shirt….

There’s so God damn many things, that a typical COULD ramble about, you know? not really working for a moth+. That’s another thing.

But damn it.

If this were the last thing I’d ever write for this stufpid BLOG thing bullshit that I do… it had better MEAN something, you know? We’re coming off the 20th anniversery of the 9/11 attacks. Something that we’re never supposed to forget. And. Jesus. I won’t forget my 9/11 story. Ever.

Mine is comical, as terrible of a tragedy 9/11 is and was.

I was asleep as the towers fell. I was going to my middle, “cottage school” (a bunch of home schoolers coming together). But I was asleep. My mom came into my room. Told me, “We’ve been bombed.” Obviously, I had no idea what she was talking about, hell, more than likely, being around 10:30 ET when she woke me up, she just saw the images, like I did upon waking up, of the towers falling. Right?

But whatever. “We’ve been bombed.” That’s what she told me. Me beig the angst, you know, 13-year-old, I fell back into a sleeping state and such.





My mom banged on the wall three times, trying to get the attention of my brother-in-law because he and my sister and their son lived with us at the time. He was out in the garage.

IMMEDIATELY, I shot out of bed. Saw that the twin towers of the World Trade Center had fallen. And prepared to go to school.

It’s still so damn crazy.

So. No. I didn’t LIVE IT. The way I’m sure millions of people did. But good God, the fear was real. Shit. I remember hopping on AIM to talk to Billy, something we didn’t do regularly before school and stuffs. And we were like, “lol bush doesnt want us 2 b online” or something similar.

Within a week.

There were shit ass rumors like, “Nostrodomus predicted two birds flying into buldings that touched the sky. And it would cause WWIII.” Or like… something to do with webdings? And that’s how the terrorists communicated? Just such dumb bullshit.

Or bullshit like this.

Then came Alex Jones. The voice of the left. 9/11 was an inside job! Bush did this to us!

And it all went to hell from there.

But FFS dude.

Do me a favor.

If you’ve read this rambling THIS far, PLEASE, listen to this, one of the best things I’ve ever created. Please. It’s just under 7 minutes long. Just do me this solid and listen to it before you continue.

God damn it. I listened to it again myself.

And, google allowing, if these were my last words I’d ever write to you, dear reader, I hope you know. I love you.

Google allowing, I’ll continue to write words. But who the hell knows these days. Writing words is almost as dangerous as planning a 9/11 terrorist attack, so sayeth the left. But. Damn it. I just did it myself. Fuck.

God damn it.

If these were my last words.

I’d tell you to love everyone in your country. Trump supporter. Biden supporter. AOC supporter. Ted Cruz supporter. Love them all. When the chips are down, we ALL need to be those people we were on 9/11. 9/12. 9/13. 2001. Right? We NEED to love each other. NONE OF US are our enemies. We have differences of opinion, dude. That’s it.

Fox News and a couple of different outlets tells one section of the populace something.

Every other media outlet, aside from the couple of others, tells another section something totally different.

If the news is making you feel, instead of think, you’re not getting the news. You’re getting wrestling.

Don’t care. Dude’s brilliant.

If I were to leave you. Today. And this was the last rambling I ever wrote.

I’d tell you to remember who you were on 9/12/2001.

I’d tell you, no matter how “jingoistic” it may be considered. No matter how “xenophobic” it might be now-a-days. Americans? We’re all looking to be better people. And to better the people around us. We’ve just got different opinions.

I swear to God. If you’re on the right? If you’re on the left? Do a deep dive into…

Riaz Patel.

He’s an amazing human being. He’s a gay, muslim Hollywood producer that did a deep dive into Trump supporters and has created an amazing program to bring people together. We NEED to stop this media divide. Because it IS the media diviing us. It’s ESPECIALLY social media dividing us.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Trump supporters aren;t all racist, homophobic nazis.

Democrats aren’t all communists trying to destroy America.

Be. Riaz. Patel.

If I were to say any last words, I’ma work on another rambing after this, so who knows.

But if I had last words. They would be:

Be. Riaz. Patel.

Love each other.

Disagreeing with someone doesn’t make them evil. Being affiliated with a different political party from you, doesn’t make someoen evil. Like. People I love and respect. Are doing this to their fellow human being. I see it all the time.

It’s on both sides of the aisle. If you think, “No, I’d never be lik…” Shut up. You ARE being like that.

When I survive, I’ll name names if you want. But FFS.

Stop it dude. Stop.


That’s it.

Everybody. Love. Everybody.


I love you.

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