12DoDM19 — D6: Watching of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

So. This is one of those time where I haven’t started drinking yet, but I’m keeping typos for posterity at the moment. And. Of course. I’ll be drinking along as I watch the movie, right? Hell with it. I’ll find myself a drinking game to go along with it, shall I? Yup. I’ll be doing this one I found from ReelDrinkingGames.com. Sue me?

Anyways. Yup. Much like Scrooged, I’ve never seen this here movie before. So. Uh. Hoopefully it’ll end better, right?I’ll try and do my bestg with the drinking game, marking how many times I’ve had to drink and what not in parenthese.

And. uh… Yeah dude. That’s it.


  1. Gotta drink right away. I’m counting this theme song thing as a Christmas song. So… (1)
  2. This animated intro is pretty fun. Not gonna ie.
  3. Chevy Chase and family sing two songs. Ooof. (3)
  4. Damn. Juliette Lewis is so young. Jeuss.
  5. Another song. (4)
  6. I guess he’s endangering himself and family in this car sceneness, right? (5)
  7. Clark is doing it. Fast and Furious style. Right?
  8. Oh shit. He mentioned they were getting getting a tree. Now they’re talking about trees. So far I’m at four tree mentions. So. (9)
  9. Oh shit. There was a dozen or so mentions of Chritmas. So. Uh… I’ll just go with that. I’m at (23) by current count. Only like 10 minutes ino the movie.
  10. Alright. Fuck hthis. I’m ending that first rule after all that.
  11. No. I’ll keep “Sparky.” (24)
  12. Three rapid “bonus” mentions.
  13. Can I take something ot for you?

  14. Waitaminute? So She’s Mary? (26(
  15. Welps. Family showed up. (27(
  16. Damn dude. Will Farrell is like. Such a Chevy Chse imperonator. I never knew that until now.
  17. Just gotta laugh at the grandpas sleeping. I never really had a granfather. But. Uh. Yeah. Had this experience in other ways. lol
  18. Clark is putting himself in danger on the latter, yes? (28)
  19. Oof. The good ole’ days when smoking inside wasn’t so weird.
  20. OK, boomer! I dunno. Just thinking about how Clrk is a boomer. so. (31)
  21. Welps. The lights worked for a second there. And I’m up to… (36)
  22. If i gotta finish this drink now… I’m done playing the game. Legit. Cause like… He just unknowngly broke something of Todd and Margo’s. So. (37)
  23. Randy uiad. That crazy bastard. )38)
  24. Im just saying. No wonder he was great in Inderpendence Say. Right?
  25. Basically… whenever this drink is done, I’m done with the drinking game. So.
  26. So. I just now noticed the advent calendar opening for the first time. Dunno if it’s happened before. So. Uh. (39)
  27.  And. I mean. No wonder Randy  Randy Quaid was so ood in his movie too. Right?
  28. Clark put himself in danger with the sled. So. (40)
  29. Mary’s… kinda showed up? I dunno. I guess. So. Uh. I’m at (45) and that’s that. Game’s ovr. Out of drinks.
  30. Oof. Dude. Those Holiday Blues are awesome. I’m just saying.
  31. I mean. In all reality. I’m actually liking this. It’s dumb. It’s fun. It’s stupid. It’s a great Christmas movie.
  32. Aunt Bethany’s grace is hitting a bit too close to home. So. Uh. I dunno.
  33. lol… Pledge Allegiance. I SOOOO wish I had a drink to finish right now.
  34. At least the turkey is better than gthe one coming up in another movie on this advent calendar of meine.
  35. I mean. I’m not playing the game anymore. But uh. I haven’t once noticed “something ruining Clark’s Christmas experience.” Unless… that was like a more subtle rule. Or something. I dunno.
  36. O’m just saying… this made me laugh. For some reason.
  37. i’m just saying. Something about Christmas Bonuses. Right? Check it out.
  38. Is Eddie Clark’s brother? I dunno what’s up with him. Don’t think I ever heard their relation.
  39. Clark’s gone full on Texas Chninsaw Masacre! HELL YEAH! WASHIN THE DOG! WASHIN THE DOG!
  40. Todd and Margo’s window got broken again. lol
  42. That’s only like… the second time nyone’s called out for Russ. The hell was up with that?
  43. I mean. WHy would everyone be THAT scared of the squirrel, right?
  44. LMAO! Eddie kidnapped Clark’s boss! Awesom.!
  45. Cousin-in-law. I see.
  46. But Clark’s boss’s eart grew three times that day! Somthing something. Rhymes to say!
  47. I unno. There’s a “BLM” joke around here somewheres.
  48. Dmn. nd still. At the end of the day. This pile of mess could still find a way to be magical and stuffs? Awesome dude.
  49. Oh say, does that star spangled banner yet wae, indeed. Damn dude. This movie is ddantastic.
  50. Yeah dude. This is easily like. My new number 3 or so best Christmas mobies ever. Period. The end. Bar none.
Right? Good God. He looks a lot like him. And his manerisms are even spot on. It’s crazy.

Overall? The moive’s getting 4 sets of Mary’s tits oout of 5? I guess? I couldn’t think of a funny thing to grade it on. My bad.

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