12DoDM19 — D4: Watching of Scrooged

So. I mean. Yeah dude. This is an obvious classic for so many peoples and such. Right? But. Uh. Legit? This is the VERY first time I’ve EVER watched the movie. Hate me. Slay me. I dunno. I mean. I’ve MIGHT”VE seent some snippets every now and thens. Every now and agains. Right? But. YEah dude.

For sure. This is the FIRST time. I’ve EVER seent this bit of Bill Murray isms. So.

Hey. Let’s do it. Right?

  1. I guess we’re opening up with the house everyone lives in 24/7 365. In Colorado. SMIRITE PEOPLE ON THE COADTS?! UP TOP!
  2. Oh. So. This is the North Pole? Weird.
  3. And. The North Pole becomes WWIII. Because. The 80s are caling and they want their foeign policy back?
  4. Oh. OK. Makes sense. Bill Murray’s watching TV in the 80’s.
  5. “Father Loves Beaver, here on IBC! You’ll love it!” Good times. Indeed. So far.
  6. Oh. Shit. “Yule love it!”

    Aww… Poor Shawn Michaels…
  7. So. Bill Mrray is even worse than Scruuge this time. I get it already. Plus. 80’s businessy businessman. I get it. Already.
  8. Lex Luthor style stalking of Elliot Witticer. Is that his name? You know. The Tiny Tim’s dad character.
  9. Ugh. The studio VO’s are killng me.
  10. Oof. Programming. For cats. That’s why those local cable channels still exists. AMIRITE BOOMERS?1
  11. So. Tell me again, Talahasee, why is this guy the tipiddy top of the A-list? Please.
  12. Bill Murray had to work late. Forced Grace to work late. Then like. 2.2 seconds later… and he’s leaving? THe fuk?
  13. I guees. Terrorism happened. Here in the 8-‘s.
  14. Nopes. Dude with chains. Ghost person.
  15. There’s a 70 year old GILF joke here. With that dust and stuffs. But.
  16. Oof. So many things this ghost person is talking about. And like. How legacy media needs to recognize themselves beifor they wreck themselves. Although. I mean. The wreckinong began. Lke in 20005. When YouTube happened. But. Uh.
  17. Frank has a girlfriend now?
  18. And he vomits ping ong balls? WTF was this guy in my frat?! AMIRITE?! UPTOP!
  19. Oof. Backstories happening to Grave? I think.
  20. Charles Dickens would want to see her nipples then!

  21. I mean. Unless you ha e a boob phobia.. you know… mastrophbia…. Who doesn’t want to see nipples? Right? And like. Boobs in general. Everyone likes boobs. r/GoneWild proes it. Innit? I mean. Unless you’re asexual. Like Todd Chvez written in 2017 or so. Right? Asexuals get a pass. Oof. Dude. Firefox is discriintationg SOOOO much right now. “Asexuals” isn’t is given the “misspelled” red-underlined discrimination. Fuck this. Let’s riot.

  22. LMAO. After ALL of that… we get…
  23. Make sure her nipples are covered up, will ya?

  24. Alright. Point to you, Mr. Talahase.
  25. OOF. We’re like one fourth of the way throught  the movie and stuffs.
  26. Waitaminute. Frank. Bill Murray. Peraon. Is JUST NOW. Falling in love or whatever? Oof.
  27. Who you gonna call?
  28. Oh. So. It wasthe same person he feell in love with on the pone or whatever. Before.
  30. Hammering! much hillarity!
  31. Jump to… some random restarant nees?! OK?
  32. So. Richard Prior deserved to have water thrown on him? THE FUCK IS THIS RACISM? OH MY JESUS I JUST RACIST MORE THAN ANYTHING THAT EVER RACED BEFORE!

  33. Something about a crazy cab ride? Scarier than that trippy boat ride in Willy Wonka and whatnot.
  34. I mean. It’s his past an stuffs. But. Like. WTF did the taxi ride have to do iwith it? I guess I was too busy looking jp Greta memes that on’t work. My bad.
  35. So… the movie becmes The Bable Guy? Kinda?
  36. Ooof. So. Yups. Claire person is who he should bange and whatnot.
  37. Christmas parties.

    Best “Christmas party” I ever attended. For reasons that’ll be revealed somewheres  in these 12 Days. I Promise. Senor Blanco is there too. And uh. At least I didn’t weight nearly 400 pounds. At the time. Right? So.
  38. LOLz… Chinese restaraunts use cat meat! in 2019! HOW DARE YOU?!
  39. Appafrently, I’m “triggrred” becaue Gterta did a thing. Like a meme aid.

    Yeah. Dude. I’m triggered so much that I need to hide in a safe space. Because Gretta happened. And said something I didn’t like. Oh no. My world eneded. Because Greta. I’m such a snowflake now.
  40. So. Uh. This ghost thing. Igt’s lasting WAY too long. The fuck dude?
  41. At this point? Fuck Claire. Right?
  42. Snp back to reality. Nope there goes gravity. Hope he goes rabbity. He. Something. Mom’s spaghetti and whatnot.
  43. WHAT’S IN THE FUCKING BOX?! That’s what’s going on? Jesus Christ dude. This is the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas of “classic” Christmas movies. Far toomuch directorial freedom’s happening. Forreals. I don’t get ANY OF THIS. There’s no 8mile snapping bacck to reality happening. At all.
  44. FFS. We’re not even half way through this movie.
  45. Alright dude. I have no idea what’s going on.But. Uh. I’ll keep pushing through. For now.
  46. Merhaps… I should’a watched this movie before I watched it drunk?
  47. Oof. The Carey Elwes looking 80’s person antogonist is here. And llike. Meal breaks?
  48. Forreas. I’ve got no idea what’s going on. And. I care not. At al. So… for the first time in the history of ever… I’m just gonna stop. Dude. Fuck this “Watching of.” Period. The end.
  49. I’m sorry. Tallahassee. But. Bil Murray’s NO WHERE NEAR the Tipitty Top.
  50. Ghost of Christmas present just kicked him in the balls. So. Fair enough?
I’d MUCH rather be playing Spider-Man on PS4 right now.

Overall? Given that I can’t be bothered to watch the FULL movie? At all? In the… present… GET IT? Uh… 0 Twinkies found in the zombie apocalypse out of 5.

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