This Joker Movie


This Joker movie. This one. That I once did my journalistic duty and “reprted on,” two years ago. Could have been amazing. Right? Even though. Back then Scorese was.. apparrently attached to the movie. And her’s no wheres to bee seent. But oh wells. Either way.

Tod Phillips. Directing a “Joker origins movie” set in the 80’s sound intrigueing AF!~!@ Sure. They didn’t get Leop, like was reported at the time. but they got Joaquin Phoenis instead. Whose, you know. A VERY talented actor. And. I mean. At the time of that “Leo” reporting, even Kevin smith was all on about, “Yeah dude! The part of the JOer has become the modern day, Hamlet. Leio wants to play him and such!” Paraphrasing. Obviously.

But from one fatman on Batman to another.

I was ALL stoked for this film. Todd Phillips included.

And shit.

I still am looking forward to it. Forreals.

I just.


As much as I preach that comic book movies DON’T need TOTAL continuiety. Hell… that’s THE  reason the “Infinity” Avengers films fall flat for me. There’s NO REASON for everyone. Ever. to have to watch 20 movies before watching this new one. To KNOW what’s going on. Shit. I’ve watched MOST Marvel films. But I was STILL completely lost throughout bouth Infinity War and Endgame. At points. You know? Captain AmericaL Civil War was an AMAZING example of how to pull off the “watch 50 movies” correctly. Right? They introduce a new, MAHOR character (which… FFS… I NEED to do a rambling about Son/Disney/Spider0Man before relevency dies), whilst keeping all of the other charactgers fresh, instresting and amazing. Captain America: Civil War is… without debate… the best Marvel movie to date. MARVEL movie. Spider-Man 2 is still, EASILY the best Marvel comic book character movie. Right

No. Batman.


THE. Problem with this movie.

That I have.

Is that. Dude. This. LITERALLY isn’t The Joker. At all.

During the whole “hubbub” of internet blowing up about Heath Ledger being Jokeer. There was someone quoted, that I red on Because. After the casting. Hell… After trailers, images and such was releaed. The internet STILL decided to blow up about Heath Ledger’s Joker. Their MAJOR problem was: Joker’s not PERMApwhite! You know. His skin isnt white as his facepaint. Permanntly. Right?

But. THs defender. Of non-perma-white-Heath LLedger Joker. On Said something like:

The Jker has red lips. Wears Purple. Has grreen hair. And his face is white. There’s no reason why Ledger’s Joker couldn’t be considered the JOker.

Something along those lines right.


I mean.


This? It looks like an AMAZING film.

But. It’s not the Joker.

Sure. He’s wearing purple. His face is white. His hair is green.Lips are purple. And all that.

But. He’s placced. In a 1980’s world. Where. There is NO Batman. In fact. Thomas Wayne is… apparently… an evil, defacto Donald Trump. Apparently. And.

ALL of these things? No Batman? Thomas Waybne is and EVIL`21 capitalist? And. Just…


So. I mean.

On paper? Some “elseworlds,” 80’s Joker origin story where Batman exists… yeah dude that could’ve been awesome. THis… I don’t know/// “Elseworlds,” Joker that happens before Bruce Wayne’s evil dad dies )FFS dude… comics have told better stories of about Thomas Wayne being a dick… ya’ll don’t need to make him your defacto Trump. Because. 2019. Jesus christ). BUT. Joker. Happens. Before Batman. Is EVER conceptualized? Then… yeah dude.

This movie sounds about as awesome as that whole Gotham experiment on the Fox network.

Don’t get me wrong. A Joker movie without Batman COULD. Shit… it’s not even a stretched, “COULD,” be awesome. Shit dude. It SHOULD br awesome. Hell. You could. And SHOULD make a Joker Origins movie without Batman that’d be awesome. Bt to be like, “LOL. Joker. Before Thomas Wayne’s dead. LOLz.” That makes NONE% sense.

That’s been my prblem with this movie. This film seems to be phenomenal. Joaquin Phoenix seems to be putting on a portrayal of a lifetime.

The problem is. It’s not. Joker. At all.

“We’re destined to do this forever.”

“You complete me.”

Not even Don LaFontaine could convince me that there’s a world that exists. With the Joker. Without Batman. Period.

Dude. I’m not sayng this isn’t going to be a good mobvie. I’m not saying that I’ll hate it. I’m not saying that it’s not going to represent DC’s new “worlds,” marketing campaing. I’m just saying. That this movie? Should be called, “A Joker.” Or. “A Clown.” Or fucking. ANYTHING. Different that doesn’t tie it to the clown prince of crime. Right?

Without Batman. There is NO Joker. Period.

Which. Again. Is why I HATED that Gotham show. Fucking Catwoman had a good five years on Bruce Wayne. Right? How the fuck did ANY of that shit make sense? How were ANY of those villains, in the gotham show suppoed to be Batman’s main “freaks,” when… they were all older than him by 20 years and shit. It’s THE worst aspect of The Dark Knight Rises Bane was, apparently, 20 years older than Bruce Wayne but kicked the abosute shit out pf him.

This Joker movie. By all appearences, is going to be a GREAT film.

What it isn’t. Is a JOKER movie.

At this rate. Anyone with white makeup, green hair, red lips, wearing puple could be called Joker.


Basically me on Halloween circa 2008.

The end.

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