What’s on My Mind Vol. III


This “Volume II” is like… a month to late or something. But. It should be filled with much win. Enjoy and awesomeness. Oviously.

  1. So. After this year’s “MERICA” edition of my podcast, I thought it’d be an awesome idea to listen to “Amerika” by Rammstein. Mostly due to the fact that on July 4th some years ago, I took a drive. I balred this song. And. i mean. The feeling is basically unparallel. It’s damn near the same feeling I had when the President was first elected. And I blared W.A.S.P.’S “Goodbye America.” Ever since. Every July Fourth, I’lve listened to this song.
    [youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”BxroiTRg7Tg”]
    And like… I dunno. Over the past few weeks, I’ve damn near been listenint to/wathing the music vedio nonstop. And I’m… I don’t know. I’m at a loss for words? I’m just confused about it. I mean. Obviousl I understand the general, “satirical,” point of the Americanization aof the world. Espeially in 2004. But. I dunno. Oh wells.
  2. Bill Cosby fucked us all. And it’s all because he took a SEMI-CONSERVATIVE position and was like, “Hey, you know what? Black people should pull up their pants and take responsibility for things in their life.” And now. He’s condemned by all of society. Because. He’s a racist. And a rapitts.
  3. I’m too much of a genius that I spoiled the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie solely based on its trailer. Seriously. All of you idiots thinking that the final battle has ANYTHING to do with Doomsday, you’re just… stupid. The trailer shows you who the main villain is. TWICE. One of those times is one of the more AMAZING clips from the trailer. But oh wells. DOMSDAYZ~! DEATH OF SUPERMAN RETURNS~! ALREADY~!

    Seriously. Obvious. Innit?
  4. Mostly. Something about boobs. Probably.
  5. Walking Dead’s trailer is pretty awesome. Rick vs. Morgany things. Awesomeness. Stuffs. Like that. And words.
  6. Donald Trump. Sigh. Pretty much. What I said about Dr. Ben Carson. But like. Much. MUCH worse. This guy is NOT a conservative. Like. At all. he supports universal health care. And like… as “OMG TUFFZ~!” as he may appear to be on the immigration issue… his policy is basically the same as Jebb Bush’s.

    Just stop existing, Amerika. If you can be so easily fooled by this cunt. It’s time to call it a day. Really. At this point. We’re just going to get Bush vs. Clinton. In 2016. America.
    We don’t deserve our Republic. Sorry about that, Ben Franklin.
  7. Rick Perry? See, “#6.,” in regards to Ben Carson.
  8. Bobby Jindal? See, “#7.”
  9. Lindsey Graham? See, “#5.,” in regard to Amerika.
  10. Dating is the evolved, modern mating ritual. It probably shouldn’t exist anymore either.
  11. Caring too much is a pretty lame place of mind to bei n.
  12. I should stop it.
  13. Seriously. I should stop this rambling before things get out of hand. So. Here’s something awesome to remember me by? Maybe. You know. Just in case? Just in case it’s another month or two before I write something here again.


And ya’ll were like, “SHE COULD NEVER BE WONDERWOMAN!”

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