Follow Your Dreams

The other night, I had a dream. While I wouldn’t use the term, “vivid,” or, “life-like,” but it was something so deep. It was something so very, VERY real. I was living inside of it, for what was probably only five minutes. And that’s dream time. DAMN YOU, INCEPTION!

But basically, in the dream, my nephew was running a comic book store. Or, at the very least, he was a manager. So, I’m in there. Talking to my nephew. And I’m like, “holy shit this is amazing!” And everything. Because. You know. Obvious reasons. Then I started to walk around the shop.

And I noticed there’s two, pretty much empty rooms conjoined with the place. Both rooms have a TV with a connected video game system, and like some chairs and “EZ Boys” in them and that’s it. So I go to my nephew and I’m like, “Dude, why the hell aren’t you filling these rooms with video games to sell?”

And he says, “DAMN! THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” Then I started to like… interior decorate the place or something and I suggest that we start by selling our own gaming collection. Basically. I could feel my heart racing. I was so God damn excited to be involved with this growing, OBVIOUSLY perfect business of two things I absolutely love.

And then I woke up. The excitement got to me.

Reality kicked in.

Life was. You know. Life.

The dream was gone.

The point of all of this is.

This is a literal dream. That I had. About a metaphoric dream that I’d like to become a reality.

God damn it…

When I started watching Comic Book Men, it hit me, for the first time in my life (even though it should have been painfully obvious) – I want to work in a comic book store. I guess, that shouldn’t be the DREAM JOB~! OH MAN~! IF I COULD MAKE A CAREER OUT OF WORKING FOR MINIMUM WAGE AT A COMIC SHOP~! MY LIFE WOULD BE COMPLETE~!~!!~@!~ In those terms, it does seem very silly. But it’s still a “dream job” of mine.

Sure, I haven’t lived that dream. More than likely, I never will. But I have accomplished some dreams of mine. I truly have. Hell. For the past two years, I’ve been, pretty much, living in a dream. As insignificant as it may be, I’ve been hosting my own talk show. FOR TWO YEARS!

Two Years of Drunken Radio! Part One. Part Two.
Two Years of Drunken Radio! Part One. Part Two.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 13-years-old. And I’m doing it. And have been doing it.

I don’t know what the point of all of this is.

As much as I’d absolutely love to follow up on the, “comic shop,” dream, I realize it probably won’t happen.

Frowny face.

But wait…

What’s that, Shia?

[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”nuHfVn_cfHU”]

I don’t care what your dream is.

If you want to be a lawyer. Do it.

If you’d like to be a veterinarian. Do it.

If you’d like to do a podcast about a comic book character. Do it.

The only thing that’s stopping ANYONE from following their dreams?

Nine times out of ten. It’s themselves.

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