10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part Three– The Travisty

Don’t get me wrong.

I was doing lots of stuffs before that fateful night in March when I asked Ernest for ideas of someting to ramble about.

It was probabluy after this kerfuffel but I did start to do podcasts in 2013 (maybe it was 2012 when they started? I dunno). And sure, I was green as fuck at first and for a long while after startig. I was terrible, even.  but damn it, I got better. I put on, mostly one-man, three hour podcasts like nobody’s business/ Damn near twice a week. And I got good, bruh. Toot toot, goes my fucking horn.

But that’s not to take credit away from someone like Marshal who was the closest I person I had to being a co-host back then. And the dude was seriously a diamond in the rough, loved doing the show with him! And dude was there almost evey Sunday when I did the late night, live podcast, Nightcap. And it’s also not to take away from Rich, whereever he may be. He was the original co-host of The Drunekn Radio Show, as my first (wel, technically second) podcast was called. By 2015 I’d change the name to Harms’ Way. Abd agaun, fior a lot of those epidsodes, I had an old friend, Timmy, hop on and he’d co-host with me. All of this? ‘Twas good times man.

Ya see?

And I mean, it was through these podcasts, I created, probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Merhaps. I dunno. Either that or it’s just some lazily put together mix of soundbytes done in audacity, I dunno. Either way. My gift to you, dear reader… the 9/11 podcast intro.

And I mean I made other awesome intros, the Robin Williams one springs to mind immediately

But this? All of this? That’s not what brings us here today, is it?

The Nerdiest Blog Ever: My E-Wrestling Story.

All eight, total, parts of the series (all of which are still available here, as broken as everything may be, they’re all still there and always have been even considering things I’m about to talk about) were spawned from an idea Ernie gave me on March 29, 2013. And I mean, I’m sure I got a lot of things wrong. Forgot a few things. Probably should’ve dropped some more names that deserved it. Things like that. But it was fun reliving e-wrestling. The glory days of e-feds. Hell man, it’s still fun now! Dave and I banter about it a fuckon.

Shit dude, this is a fucking great time!

Reliving e-feds? Even those dark, dumb cringefest moments like what was seen uop there (bruh, that e-fed was still on angelfire in like 2003 or some shit, WTF? lmao)/ It’s all a good time. And I mean, this may sound dumb, but dude, I’m fucking proud of… well… most of the things I did in e-wrestling. Yes, I was an edgy, angsty teenage idiot, sure. But I pretty much self taught myself how to build websites. How to make poser wrestlers. I wrote five novels worth of content. For fun. You know? That edgy, angsty teenage little shit that I was, was able to be the most creative I’ve ever been. You know?

While Mr. Banks here may not be the most complex of poser wrestlers to create… look at that tattaoo work bruh. It looks pretty good, right?

But even still.

This? This is not why we’re gathered here today, is it, dear reader?

We’re here to discuss the day (I’m assuming) Ben Halkum told Travis to check out my e-wrestling series. And the Travisty happened. Some how. Some way. My dumb ass inspired Travis to write a series all his own about his time in the hobby of e-wrestling. To discuss everything he accomplished while in the hobby. It was a pretty big moment. My dumb, drunl ass, that asked Ernie for an idea of something to write about on March 29, 2013, went on to inspire someone that legitimately inspired me. Directly or indirectly. However things work, you know?

Travis’ website, which was displayed on a sign in the front row during many-a attitude-era WWF shows (merhaps, most famously, SummerSlam 97, when Owen broke Austin’s neck… whoever the dude was that flashed it up… he did his job bruh and he did it a lot).

I dunno. It’s just crazy, man. My pathetic… me. My stupid little drunken ramblings? They inspired Travis. I dunno if that’s an accomplishment? But it’s pretty fucking cool how, as far as e-wrestling is concerned, life came pretty close to being full-cirlce for me, I guess.

Things get… MUCH… further circled…

And I mean, I couldn’t be any more gratefrul than when I asked him to write a foreword to my second “book.” Which, I mean, we all know, is just the collection of ramblings from 2012-2014. And I mean. If I could easily share his word here, I would. But I can’t. Instead, I’ve gotta have you take my word for it and have you click THIS that’s the easiest way I can share his word with you, present day. I created a little “commercial” for the “book” to run during my podcasts (essentially, it was used for when I had to go take a piss)… in it, it stated that the foreword written by Travis was worth the price of the book alone. I stand by that. Even though, you know, you always were able to read Travis’s intro for fre. And shit.

This? All of this? Those early podcasty years? They were the best of times. Never financially the best of times, hell, no time has ever been the best as far as that’s concerned. But whatever.

The Travisty happened. I inspired Travis, in which, readers if hus blog (GOD DAMN IT, PAL!) were sent over here/ Obviously, I’m more than grateful. But. Not even “But.” It’s just, RyansDrunk.com never saw a spike like that ever again, you know?

It’s dine. I’m not mad. I’m not… anything.

This little writing hobby, thing of mine. It was always going to be something niche.

It’s just that…

2015 happened.

And. Basically. The world. As we knew it. Ended.

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