10 Years of Drunken Ramblings — Part 4 — The Politics One

Yeah man.

This is where everything collapses. Cuase like.

I’ve got no words, really. This is probably going to be the worst of the worst when it comes to this series. I really, truly, amd just.. over everything. I don’t fucking care anymore. About anything. Political. Yeah, Biden’s policies are being a cunt and making prices of EVERYTHING skyrocket. But. Hey. The left has always liked this shit. Because inflation is awesome! It makes you less out of debt! Or something. Whatever.

I don’t care. I’ll vote. You’ll vote. We’ll all disagree and agree. Who gives a shit? Neither of use are “demons” or “evil” or “want to destroy america~!” or anyt dumb bullshit that, fuck, I’m sure I’ve fell into believing before. We akk just thik there’s different ways of doing shit. You know? Neither is WROING. Both sides are fucked. So.

And neither American paerty gives a shit about the American people. So. Cool cool, cool, cool, cool.

And I mean. This all begen somewheres in like 2015. When “my side” became just as blind as I percieved the I dunno… Here… I’ll be frank.

I saw this. (And I mean… THAT image doesn’t directly reflect what I’m trying to say but it’s close enough)

RANDOM SIDENOTE: It was around 2010 or 2011 when I watched this awesome documentary, I dunno what you’d call it, mini-series? Basically it was a two-part documentary on the HIstory Channel. Third Reich: The Rise. And. Third Reich: The Fall. So.

And I’m like… *READ FLAGS BRUH~!*

KLeep in mind, I’m NOT ANYWHERE NEAR trying to say that Obama is/was Hitler. I am, right now, comparing the people. And again, neither of these images are… even decent representations of what I was feeling. Back in 2010/11… They’re the easiest I could find at the moment.

And then.

2015 happened.

And “MY SIDE~!” did the exact same thing that I “hated” Obama supporters for.

Cue CM Punk’s music.

You know.

And I mean.

Doesn’t get anymore Hitlerish than this shit, right?

Or. You know… you could go even more batshit insane and go thise route too…



In all honesty. When Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, I gave up. “My side” was just as, if not MORE moronic than the opposition. You know? I gave up.

And sure. Blah….


I guaran-damn-tee it, Ausitin, if this was the cover, it’d have sold a BILLION copies!

And I mean. As batshit California insane as Trey and Matt have become they fucking nailed it when they made this scene in 2016:

This is “WUH HAPPUN?!” Obviously.

But alas, America would Pokemon Go… to the polls… and former reality TV show host, Donald Trump, became the president of the United States.

And the media. “The left.” NO ONE would shut the fuck up about it.

While it matters not, I feel like saying, for the record, I do not and will not, ever, consider myself a “Trump supporter.” Yes. I argued in favor of him, especially in 2020. But I never, ever, wanted or liked him as President. I’d always, constantly, say how batshit insane it was that…


Was president of the United States.

It’s still batshit insane when you think about it.

It’s still batshit insane if you think that the 2020 elections didn’t deserve an audit. Not that I think it’d have changed the outcome. But voting should fucking matter, dude.

But whatever.

I’m still hoping for the day wheen we get this reveal.

IT WAS ME AUSTIN! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG AUSTIN! oh you son of a bitch!

And basically, dude. I don’t fucking care. Ya’ll argue politics, cancel each other, do all of those things. I’m fucking done bruh.

At the end of the day? Trump was Hitler the same way Obama was.

The end.

Oh yeah./ And something about the 10 years of RyansDrunk.com. And like. That’s when it started. The “downfall” of RyansDrunk.com. The trump years. Again dude. I’ve said this NUMERSOUS times. When Trump became the Republican nominee, I noped the fuck out. And I haven’t, TRULY come back. And I’m sure it’s shown. So.

The Trumpfall?

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