Zen End of 2021

Unlike last year, I wanna do just a quick, little bit of… whatever this is before the haikus…

Basically, I’m going to try and go in chronological order and shit, you know? But. I mean. I’m sure it’ll go all over the place too. 2021 is a bit personal. So. Sorry? Also, I’m gonna try and do “of the year” stuffs throughout too. So… Let’s have fun?! Or something like fun, anyways.

Doing livestreams, fun
But I’m sick of RDO
Jesus Christ, Rockstar!

January 6th
I slept through all the chaos
Dumbness all around

My grandma died, dude
Sure, it was a long goodbye
Still sucks she’s not here

“Never Fade Away”
The best thing from Cyberpunk
Always will love song

Is a thing that happened, yeah?
I couldn’t care less

Best game of the year?
Mass Effect, remastered, thing
Only “new” game played…

GTA, “definitive…”
What the fuck, Rockstar?

Summer happened then
Kiddos were around a lot
Now? Not so much, dude

Then it happened, dude
Fell into good paying gig
Summer was good, yeah

Summer turned into Autumn
Whoops, hope is gone now

I almost died from
You know, the common cold hrmph
Guess I have HIV, dude

Last part was a joke
But this is the second time
Rhinovirus uh…

Damn near killed me ddue
Covid’d finish the job
Lolz I’ma stil smoke

Uh, I guess the best
Movie was Suicide Squad
Don’t Look Up too, though

I have many doubts
About Spider-Man movie
Tom Holland is worst

Oh yeah, politics…
Uh… “let’s go brandon?” I guess?
I mean, it’s not hard?

No, I have no idea who “On Demand News” is. No, this isn’t a good compilation of ALL of the Biden gaffes of the year. IRL? The dude crammed W’s 8 years into one, legit. Fine. You love him because he’s not Trump or whatever. But how ANYONE could TRULY… SUPPORT… this Alzheimer’s patient as president is fucking insane.

Sorry, politics…
I’m pretty sure that that is
Most I’ve said all year…?

But, uh… I mean, dude…
“Let’s go Brandon” is the most
Boomer joke ever

Lastly, lemme say
Acting like that phrase is a
slur… so moronic dude

Witcher was best show
But then there is Yennifer
Still not sold on her

Plus, dude I don’t have
Disney+ or anuything
Doesn’t matter though

I still hate Star Wars
And Marvel shit seems too dumb
Like SeeDub DC

Was pretty fantastic, yeah?
Danielson turn, uh…

Eric Bischoff’s right
About too many things with

Doesn’t change the fact
AEW is the
Company I like

Forreals though my dude
All Out was just as good as
DubEm Seventeen

Tribalism sucks
Just ask the tribal chief, dude
…my attempt at joke

Legit though my dudes?
I’m kinda ready to die
Like we all are though…

Was way worse than last year, man
Here’s to another…

Became 10 years old this year
Pretty sure I failed

…to do anything
REALLY special for, you know
the occasion, yeah?

But fuck it, my dudes
2022 is a…
Brand new year, hell yeah!

Something like that anyways.

Damn it… let’s do it old school, to end the 10th year anniversary… you know?

Let’s end this rambling with a…


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